Monday, October 10, 2011

Celebrity thin

As I'm working on getting "fit" and ready to run a 5k by next fall (maybe next spring), I've been researching a lot of healthy diets (as in to get healthy, not thin), and exercise blogs. What I've come up with A LOT of times is sickly celebrity thin photographs and how to get like that.

At one point in my adult life, I was 87 lbs. At that time I was 5'5" tall. Yes, I've shrunk since then, but I'm hoping that yoga gives me my height back. LOL. I wore children's clothes. I was smaller than the adult 00.

I went to a wedding back in 2001, and I was up to 92 lbs. The photographs that were taken of me, like the one below, show me in a dress that was a size 2 and had been taken in by an inch or two. It tells me that the celebrities today are "sickly thin" like I was, although mine was due to a chronic illness and not starving myself.

I don't ever want to look like that again! I want to have muscle and curves (I don't have many, but I want to maximize what I have by working out). If you want to look like the girls below, you will have to starve yourself, you will be unhealthy, and truly, the man in your life will NOT think it's pretty! Love your body, get fit, but be happy with what God gave you! :)