Friday, August 21, 2009

Transform your skin

Transform your skin. Mine has been completely transformed with Skinceuticals CF. Below is the link to the website. Just remember, all the celebrities give all the credit to their dermatologists and medical prescription creams to transform their face. This is the one product my dermatologist recommonded. It's doing wonders...." Plus if you have malasma, Tri-Luma cream is great at lightening it. It has greatly diminished my dark spots from malasma. Of course, the most important thing for healthy skin is wearing sunscreen with zinc in it, which I do everyday. All of this is really taking a lot of years off of my skin. :) Celebrities don't use those products they are promoting on tv. They see a dermatologist to recommend what to use. Mine even told me to use Cetaphil to clean my face with as long as I use the Skinceuticals and Tri-Luma products to help correct the damage. Getting sun on your face is the worst thing you can do. Wearing sunscreen is the best advice any doc can give you, but unfortunately most people don't listen until the damage gets bad enough to bother them, then it costs a lot to do "correcting".

Good luck.