Friday, June 21, 2013

Pinterest Tips

I love Pinterest! I think it is an amazing way to hoard recipes, interests, fitness routines, etc in an organized, accessible way! I have learned a few tips since I started pinning, and I would like to share them with you. If you have tips of your own, please feel free to leave them in the comment section!

 1.) You can't think too small. When I started pinning, I set up my boards according to what Pinterest suggested, and I realized later on that I was filling up some of my boards, so that finding a pin wasn't as easy as it could be. Now they have a feature where you can search your own pins, but you still may not remember what you pinned 760 pins ago under FOOD or STYLE. Some of my boards are still very broad, but breaking food down to meals, drinks, sweets, gluten free, etc., makes it easier to find what you are looking for. I have even seen people who pin things to a bread or pasta board. Don't be afraid to separate your interests into their own individual board.

2.) Secret boards are great for further organizing your larger boards. I was shopping recently, and I was looking for colored jeans and suggested shirts/accessories to go with them. I started a secret board called Combos where I pulled out all of my pins of colored jeans and what to wear with them from my fashion board. It made it easy to just look at a board with the specific pins on it, and by having it secret, I didn't repin them for my followers to see again.

3.) Another great way to use a secret board is when you are having an obsessive moment (and most Pinterest users have them), and you want to pin a large number of pins at one time. You surely don't want to overwhelm your followers by having 50 pictures of doors show up on their page, so make it secret, and when you have pinned all you want to pin at that time, make it visible to all. They won't get flooded with each individual pin, but they will then be able to see your board and your subsequent pins later on.

4.) One more great use I have found for having a secret board is for recipes that I have tried and liked. Making it secret, again keeps your followers from seeing all of the pins a second time, and it organizes your recipes (or could be any ideas or anything else you've tried) into the ones you like and want to try/use again.

5.) Come up with clever names for your boards. This sets you apart from the crowd, and it draws people to your boards more so than if you just use the names that Pinterest suggests. So instead of "For the Home", you could use something like "My Humble Abode". It gets rid of the boring!

6.) Don't just be a repinner! Pin things that you find on the internet yourself or that you upload yourself. This puts more pins and choices out there for everyone else. You are actually contributing to the world of Pinterest instead of just taking something from it. I have one board where about 80% of the pins on there are ones I have added myself. It's fun to see who repins them.

7.) Go through your follow list occasionally and stop following those who have completely different interests. It will keep your page from being filled with things that bore you.

8.) If you don't want to follow all boards that someone has, just follow the specific ones you are interested in. I have no interest in certain things, and that can actually be someone's largest board. One of my celebrity boards has over 200 pins (my followers probably know which one I'm talking about) and is of no interest to some. However, it is the most interesting to others, so adjusting what boards you choose to follow helps narrow your page down tremendously.

9.) If you want to pin something with no message underneath the pin, just hit the spacebar. This is a great way to get around that annoying message that says a description is required! Some things are self-explainatory.

10.) If you are just starting out, don't get overwhelmed! Start out slow, think of things you like and start searching for pins related to it. I have a friend who has 26,000 pins! I think it was like 11,000 when I started pinning, and I was completely overwhelmed thinking I had to know everything there was to know about Pinterest that very day! No matter how big or small your board is, or how new you are to Pinterest, it's a lot of fun waiting to be had. The world of Pinterest is huge!

 I will add more tips as I think of them, but I'd love to hear yours. Happy pinning!!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What Healthy Means to Me

This is a repost from a few years ago. I thought it needed to be said again! XO My blog title is "Color Me Healthy". When you read that and see that I have Cystic Fibrosis, have had two organ transplants, and the various problems that go with those two, I'm sure you automatically think "Color Me Healthy" is referring to my physical health. That's only part of it. To me, health refers to the physical, the spiritual, and the mental. It not only means taking my medicine and complying with my doctor's orders, but it means feeling good about myself when I look in the mirror, feeling good about choices I make, and being happy and feeling at peace in life. I have never wanted to look sick. I can only remember a few times that I didn't at least fix my hair before going into the hospital. I remember my lung transplant pulmonologist coming into the room a week or so after my lung transplant and saying... "Well, I'm glad you FINALLY look sick." LOL. I always thought if I kept the outside looking "healthy", then that would help the inside. It has in a way, because it helps my attitude and outlook on life, and we all know that attitude goes a long way. There is another blog that I visit where a chat is taking place soon to tell others why you named your blog what you did. We are always working toward bettering ourselves, whether it be through knowledge, health, appearance, or spiritual growth. "Color Me Healthy" is me striving for all of these. Attitude and a love for life get you pretty far no matter what your challenges are! As you have noticed, my blog posts are about health, fashion, beauty, faith, prayer, family, friendship, and just about anything else that life is about. I hope I never focus 100% on one of these things, because that would mean I am neglecting other things that matter.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

How to keep your skin young, prevent damage, and heal damage


How to keep your skin ageless! This is my full skincare regimen, and you will notice that I use many different brands. They all work very well with each other. Above everything else, keeping your skin moisturized by drinking a lot of water and little caffeine, wearing sunscreen, and wearing big hats in the summer to protect your face is most important. Being 42 and being told that I have 25 year old skin is priceless. Here are the steps I take:

Morning routine:

I was my face with purity cleanser by Philosophy. It is a nice simple cleanser that I find very light and refreshing.

I then put SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic on my face. This is an antioxidant, helps build collagen, and helps your sunscreen work better.

Next, I put on this wonderful moisturizer by Karin Herzog. I use the Vita-A-Kombi 2 face cream, but if you are in your 20s or early 30s, you can use the number 1, which is more for prevention, whereas two is for prevention and healing.

The last step that I take in morning is to put on my sunscreen. You can get a sunscreen with 70 spf, and you will not get the coverage you will with something like Blue Lizard, which has not only a chemical barrier, but a physical barrier because it has zinc oxide in it. I also have the Blue Lizard sunscreen for my body.

Nighttime routine:

Again, I use Philosophy's purity cleanser.

Three times a week, I use this exfoliator with my cleanser. It works great, and is not too harsh. It's the Olay PRO X advanced cleaning system.

Three times a week, I also use this Olay PRO X exfoliating cleanser with the exfoliator above. My face feels so clean after removing all of the dead skin cells. You can use this more or less often as necessary.

Every night, I put on SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Gel. It helps with tissue repair and it replenishes nutrients.

My final step for the night is this Renew Overnight Moisturizer by SkinCeuticals. I use the formula for dry skin, but it also comes in oily.

I have been using self tanning cream since 1994. Having tried most brands out there, I keep going back to Clinique's line of self sun. I use it on my face and body. I never get sun on my face. That is the number one key to youthful skin!!!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Oscar Fashion 2013

My review is a bit rushed this year, because I have to travel in the morning, but I wrote most of my reviews while watching the red carpet event. Most of my reviews are based more on what the celebrity looked like onscreen instead of in pictures. As we all know, the lighting and angle of photographs can offset the entire look. I do have pictures attached though for those of you who didn't get the chance to see them on TV.

As always, I take into account the entire look, including dress, hairstyle, make up, and accessories. And I steer clear of all reviews before writing mine.

I guess the trending topic in all reviews this year will be "train". It seemed like the fad this year on the red carpet, and for the most part, they were very pleasing to the eye and added the right touch to the dresses!

First of all, this year didn't offer much when it came to fashion. As far as colors go, there were a good variety of colors tonight, whereas usually I've seen one color be repeated over and over. The styles of the dresses, other than the trains of course, also varied greatly. I will say; however, that there were few dresses tonight that just screamed "WOW"! On the other hand, other than Kristen Stewart's nightmare of a number, there were very few unimpressive dresses. (Kristen is not in my review, but you can find her dress here).

I will save my best dressed and worst dressed for last, so here goes, starting with these very talented nominees.

I will say that I had so much anticipation in seeing Jennifer Lawrence tonight. She is a sparkly gem, and she usually gets everything right. If you remember my review in 2011, she was one of my best dressed, and she hadn't even made a name of herself as a style icon yet. Tonight, I was just really disappointed in her gown. I loved her highlighted hair pulled back into a simple bun, her perfect make up job, and I even loved the top of the gown down to the drop waistline. I shouldn't have looked any further. The rest of her gown looks like a lampshade. Even the brocade design gives the impression of something that sits on my nightstand, instead of on one of the most stylish actresses performing today.

A ruffled beauty! If you know me, I have never been a big fan of ruffles, especially when there are as many as there are on Amy's dress, but I absolutely loved this pale gray, strapless, Oscar de la Renta gown. The full skirt and train could have been excessive had it not been for the understated bodice. Her diamond jewelry really complimented the gown! Unfortunately, Amy's messy updo knocked this whole look down a notch or two. Overall, I'm still impressed!

How cute is Quvhenzhane Wallis? Although, I thought this dress looked too old for her age, it was still a beautiful dress and she had an overall adorable look. Starting with her curly updo and crystal headband, down to her shiny ballet slippers, she was impeccably dressed. The blue gown, with it's black tulle overlay and crystal embellishments was Oscar-worthy for sure. Her wrap added a nice touch, and anyone who has been following this talented little actress knows she would show up with her puppy purse. Now THAT'S age appropriate!

Procrastinators unite... three hours before showtime! Yes, Anne Hathaway picked out her dress three hours before stepping onto the red carpet, and it shows! Remember your child's first ballet recital outfit.. in the NINETIES? This blush Prada satin gown reminded me of that. Even though it had a unique back, the rest of the dress looked like it came off the rack at your local retailer. I can't believe that Anne could go so wrong.

Age appropriate? Yes! Emmanuelle Riva looked very elegant in this caped, turquoise gown. Her stylish hairstyle, choker necklace, and bracelets added just the right touch to bring this from simple to elegant.

Mermaid gone wrong? This top 3/4 of this crimson gown was completely beautiful and had a nice fit for Jackie Weaver. I really liked the sheer top with its red sequined design and the crisscrossed sash across her waist, but her half up, half down hairstyle and the mermaid skirt, that made her look shorter than she is, ruined the look.

If you cross an angel with a rockstar, you get Charlize Theron on the red carpet tonight. This was a super edgy look for her, and how many actresses, other than she and Halle Berry can pull off this hairstyle? I thought the white gown with the slit neckline, beaded peplum, and simple train was stunning! 

This deep, metallic blue gown was made for Jennifer Hudson! The bateau neckline, and fish scale-like appliques over sheer sleeves and upper chest gave this gown a very unique look. Jennifer's bangs and her matching clutch were a nice touch, but her straightened extensions were overkill.

Legally wrong! Have we not seen Reese in a similar, unflattering dress before? This tuxedo type dress, with its roll over black neckline, satiny finish, and messy train was extremely unflattering. Reese's vintage curls and make up were perfection, however.

Adele had to redeem herself after the floral nightmare she wore to the Grammys. She certainly did that tonight. This Jenny Packham number with its simple bodice and skirt, black on black embellishments, and sheer sleeves draped so nicely on Adele's frame. I like that she has a half updo, and as always, her smoky eyes are quite entrancing. 

Artistic knockout! Naomi Watts shines in this charcoal, metallic, asymmetrical Armani gown. She certainly has the shape to pull this gown off, and the caped sleeve vs. the cutaway shoulder added a very unique touch to this otherwise simple design. Naomi's wavy updo was my favorite of the night! 

You cannot fully appreciate the beauty of this gown unless you see it onscreen! My mouth dropped when I saw Amanda in this Alexander McQueen masterpiece! This taupe dress had such an amazing halter neckline. The chocker at the top flattered her face and shoulders, as did the perfectly placed keyhole. I adored the way this dress draped her body so gracefully. The leaf appliques on the sheered overlay were beautiful as they appeared to be falling from top to bottom. Amanda's voluminous updo and understated jewelry were exactly what this look called for. Can Amanda ever get it wrong? I don't think so! She was my very close second when it came to picking best dressed.

This is one of those love/hate kind of dresses. And guess what? I love it, and I hate it! This Miu Miu number had a pale pink bodice that was adorned with everything from my daughter's craft drawer. Even though the top was a little busy, I still found this to be an interesting dress. The coral color worked great with Kerry Washington's skin tone, and the simple bow belt and train added just the right of normal to this dress.

Sheered Sally! This red dress, with its jewel neckline, long sleeves, and ruffled skirt and train was age-appropriate for Sally Fields, and the sheered sleeves and panels added a touch of youth to this look. Sally's teased updo was so "Sally". This was an overall good choice for her.

It's Christmas in February! As beautiful and glamourous as Zoe Saldana is, I was not very impressed with this pale gray gown. The top of the dress resembled a Christmas ornament I bought this year, and I'm not sure a silver buckle belongs on a ball gown. I did like the side bow at the waist, and the layered skirt and train. Zoe's hairstyle and drop earrings were elegant, and as always her make up was immaculate.

First of all... HOLY COW this girl can sing! And obviously Samantha Barks knows how to dress too. This low cut black Valentino gown was so simple, but yet so comely! Her gold statement necklace was the essential focus of her entire look.

Catherine Zeta-Jones looked much better onscreen than she does here in this photo. She is always so becoming in whatever she wears. The camisole neckline was flattering, as was the fitted bodice and the gold, metallic appliques over the blush sheer fabric. Catherine's classy hairstyle and gold, chandelier earrings added to the glamour of this entire look.

Octavia Spencer! You go girl! What a flawless blush dress! This one-shouldered tulle dress with a beaded bodice flattered her frame and is a show stopper! Octavia completed her look with bright lipstick, stunning diamond earrings, and a neatly styled updo. 

This was SUCH a surprising look for Jennifer Aniston! NOT!!!! As always, Jennifer Aniston takes no risk and plays it safe with a simple gown and decade-old boring beach hair. The Valentino gown would have looked so much better on someone who wasn't so bo bo bo boring! 

AND here are my picks for best and worst dressed! 

The worst dressed gong goes to.... Helen Hunt!

I wasn't expecting Helen to stun me, as she has never stunned me in the past, but seriously? This wrinkled satin mess was something she must have pulled out from the back of her closet. Having such thin hair should make someone want to get a hairstylist to help with styling on such an important night, but methinks she did this herself in the limo ride over. Her regal necklace was the only thing that saved her from being shoved off of the red carpet for embarrassing the Academy!

I am so thrilled to review my best dressed choice of the night! Here is the amazing Jessica Chastain!

Is it just me, or did this golden goddess just step out of old Hollywood? Jessica Chastain took us back in time with this alluring Armani dress. Everything about Jessica's look was tied together so well, including her red, wavy hair, red lipstick, and gold sequined mesh dress. I don't believe I have ever seen a more exquisite redhead in all of my 42 years. I definitely haven't seen one like this on the red carpet. I have a feeling that Jessica will be on many best dressed lists this year!

Every time I do a review, I am eager to hear your comments. Agree, disagree, or add your own personal review! Pictures are from, and you can also go here for excellent coverage of red carpet arrivals! 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

YES, there will be an Oscar fashion review

Watch out for my review.. coming after the Academy Awards Red Carpet on February 24th. I skipped last year, but only a coma will keep me from skipping this year's review... stay tuned!!!