Friday, August 21, 2009

Transform your skin

Transform your skin. Mine has been completely transformed with Skinceuticals CF. Below is the link to the website. Just remember, all the celebrities give all the credit to their dermatologists and medical prescription creams to transform their face. This is the one product my dermatologist recommonded. It's doing wonders...." Plus if you have malasma, Tri-Luma cream is great at lightening it. It has greatly diminished my dark spots from malasma. Of course, the most important thing for healthy skin is wearing sunscreen with zinc in it, which I do everyday. All of this is really taking a lot of years off of my skin. :) Celebrities don't use those products they are promoting on tv. They see a dermatologist to recommend what to use. Mine even told me to use Cetaphil to clean my face with as long as I use the Skinceuticals and Tri-Luma products to help correct the damage. Getting sun on your face is the worst thing you can do. Wearing sunscreen is the best advice any doc can give you, but unfortunately most people don't listen until the damage gets bad enough to bother them, then it costs a lot to do "correcting".

Good luck.


Katelyn said...

CHRISTY, where have you been? I hope you're doing OK.

Somer Love said...

YAY your back!!!! Xo

OceanDesert said...

I TOTALLY agree on the zinc thing. A nurse friend of mine told me about it and now I ONLY use sunscreen with zinc in it... the higher % the better. I use Blue Lizard... Which do you use?

Glad to see you back! Miss your blogs!! How'd Casey's first day go?? Inquiring minds want to know! :)

Christy said...

Hey Katelyn,
I'm here, just usually on FB if I'm on the computer. I might start blogging more now that Casey is back to school. :)

I just started using Badger sunscreen and love it! It's amazing that most sunscreens don't protect like they say they do. You have to be careful! Casey's first day was good, but it's going to be a VERY challenging school. She had about 2 hours of hw the first night, so we know what the year is going to look like. She's such a hardworker though. I think she'll do just fine in this school. Thanks for asking!

XOXO Somer!!!! :)

Live.Love.Eat said...

I'm guilty, I love a little sun on my skin. Glad to hear yours has transformed. And that you loved that dinner!!!!

CowTown said...

Hello hello ~

Shea said...

Glad you're back!!

John said...

Hello Christy and Friends. If you like Skinceuticals CF, may I recommend trying this new product that just came out from BMB Medical Group. It uses naturally occurring growth factors (already found in healthy skin)derived from adipose derived stem cells in conjunction with Swiss peptide technology to transform your skin to a more healthy younger looking skin. If you would like more information, please email me at and I will be more then happy to send you information and a sample of our product.

Oh, by the way, if you or anyone you know is losing their hair; I have a product that stimulates and creates more hair follicles and helps hair grow thicker!

Have a blessed day ladies!

Yours truly,


Anonymous said...

I just found your blog! WOW 39, that's truly inspiring! Look forward to reading your blog!