Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dear Diary...

I almost didn't write to you tonight because the internet is so slow, but I decided to sit and wait for this page to pull up, because I really have SO much to tell you.

First of all.. Bristol Palin... you know, the preggers girl (well, she's had her baby now) is speaking out about teen pregnancy. What is everyone ragging her about? She made a mistake (believe me.. one that many, many teenage girls make), and she got pregnant. Welllll.. she's got two choices at that point. To terminate the pregnancy or have the baby. If she has the baby, she has even more choices.. like keeping the baby or putting him/her up for adoption. Bristol chose to not get an abortion. SO whyyyyyyyy are people ragging on her???? Unbelievable! They should look at her courage and talk about THAT!!! I mean tons of girls don't have this courage. Not that I judge them in anyway, but why are people judging HER??? She could have gotten an abortion and went on with her perfect little, ambitious life, but she didn't. She chose to keep her baby!!!! But we all know that society is going to find a problem with whatever you do, right... haha! Look at Miley Cyrus... sweet, virgin girl, who I think is a great example for my daughter by wearing a purity ring... AND she's ridiculed by everyone in Hollywood and elsewhere. She's too GOOD for them. People are telling her to make a sex tape.. I mean come on!!!! Geeze... you can't ever win.

So diary, that's not the only thing bothering me. We lost another CFer tonight. He was 60 and the brother of a great friend of mine named Brad. Yeah, he lived way beyond the average life expectancy for a CFer which is 37, but that doesn't make it any easier for his family and especially his mom, who has already lost 2 children. I'll be praying for the King family for sure!

Casey sent me a text message tonight (she's with her dad a few days). It said "Missing Clark, Rich and John". Just so you know diary, Clark is the guy at church we have been praying so hard for. He had bladder cancer at such a young age and went to Mexico after they told him here in the states that there was no more hope. He passed away this past Monday. :( Rich and John are CFers whom Casey met at the 2004 Transplant Games in Minnesota. They died after that. Casey has always had a hard time with their deaths. I do remind her that we will see them again, but it provides little comfort for her at this time. I think it has something to do with her fear of me dying.

On a really good note diary... my friend Jeri is doing so good. She had her lung/liver transplant .. uhhhhh... well, it's been a couple of weeks ago now. She is exercising and doing so GOOD! I'm so happy for her. My friends who have prayed for her and thought about her over the weeks are awesome.

So, I've tried writing a book or two in my life. One was a medical mystery that involved CF. I got to the 4th chapter and got writer's block. Then I started writing a House episode, which I think was pretty good, but once Cuddy got pregnant, I got writer's block. See the pattern?????? Sooooo I'm looking at writing my life story, BUT in the form of a fantasy novel. We'll see how that goes. I've made a few notes. I'm really hoping I get past the 4th chapter on that. :)

I'm catching up on the Arrested Development episodes. What a great show!! Absolutely hilarious. I'm really not sure why this was cancelled. Ron Howard directed and narrates it. It's great! There is a movie coming out in 2010, so I want to make sure I'm all caught up before it comes out.

My fibromyalgia is acting up. It's because the hot weather is coming. Last summer I was debilitated from it in many ways. J and I are thinking it might be from the humidity in the air that we don't have in the winter. We aren't sure, but it's definitely rearing it's ugly head again. It's not debilitating yet, so diary... don't worry about me yet.

My blood sugars are out of control this past week. They have been doing SO good, but this past week, My meter has read more 300 and some blood sugars than it has in a very long time. I do wish my transplant docs could put me on a steroid-free protocol to help with that, but I think they will only do that if you have had a kidney transplant ONLY.. the lung transplant kinda throws that one out the window!

I'm exercising. Yeah.. but... I've pulled a muscle in my back. My physical therapist told me last year that I was using my QL's in my back to lift my hips and legs instead of using my quads more. SOOOOO I guess when I've been using the stepper lately, my QL's have been overworked. Thanks to my massage therapist hubby and Tiger Balm, I'm feeling better. I just did lunges and squats tonight instead of the stepper, to hopefully give those QL's a rest.

There were tornados in my area today. Was I scared??? No, not really. Our local news makes SUCH a big deal out of ANY change in weather, because, it's very boring here... so I figured their bazillion hours of coverage was just a way to get ratings. :)

I do however, love the rain! All those people complaining about the NC rain... well... I just don't want to hear them complain this summer when we have a drought.... like we do EVERY year. ♥♥♥ to rain!!!!

So yeah Diary.. I'm addicted to Twitter, or getting very close to that. I have so neglected blogger, and so NOT neglected Twitter, that I think Blogger might be jealous. But I'm finding it much easier to fit my thoughts into 140 characters than it is to think LONG, COHERENT, INTERESTING thoughts to put down on my blog. They really might have something with that micro-blogging thing. It's more for those of us who get writer's block.. and well, diary, you know I surely get that.

Jason is at work, Casey is at her dad's, and Balin is asleep.. but no.. I don't feel alone, because I have you diary.. the only one who is always there.. no matter what. Thanks for that!!! :)

I should probably go to bed now seeing how it's 4:00 am. I'll be complaining tomorrow about how tired I am if I don't. Thanks for listening as always!


Jason said...

I love you so much, baby. You're an awesome mother, an amazing wife, and the best friend anyone could ask for.

Carrie said...

I totally agree with you about Bristol Palin. She could have so easily chosen to terminate her pregnancy knowing the huge amount of criticism that was coming her way when people found out she was pregnant. I think she has a ton of courage. People just like to critize others to make them feel better about themselves. Thats what I think anyway. Really no matter what choice she made she would be criticized because she is in the public spotlight.

I enjoyed catching up on what all has been going on in your life. I have been terrible about posting these last few weeks. Just can't seem to find the right words!

Belle's Blog said...

I agree with you about Bristol. So ridiculous to torture this young girl the way the public has done.

Since I have been dealing with blood sugar issues my entire life. I understand how how annoying that can be! Keep the faith! Praying for a cure daily! ((((((hugs))))))))

Somer Love said...

really you heart Twitter????/

I just couldn't get into it I deleted my account! I have been eating a ton of protein and working out too. Just trying to be all around healthy. have you tried vanilla bean almonds? I heard they are amazing I can't find them here tho.

Ps who said blog entries can't be 140 characters or less you may be on to something :) said...

Love this blog entry! Tons of info!

Remember, the "pro-choice" movement only supports you if you make the choice that they support. Same with the freedom of speech or freedom of expression crowd...they only want you talking about or expressing yourself in ways that they agree with. Sorry, enough politics.

I'm sorry for your losses. It's never easy losing somebody.


CFlover said...

Im so sorry for the loss of your friends =(

It breaks my ♥ to hear C gets upset..its never easy knowing CF could take someone you love so very much =(

I am however super excited about your friend J!!!

Dude!! I dont know if Im just slow or what but I really cant catch on to twitter?? I cant get it to work through my phone and it just makes me angry!!

Katey said...

Wow...great post! First off...I'm sorry about your CF friends that passed away. I'm in awe though that the one guy lived until he was 60..that is amazing! I know it's hard dealing with these types of deaths....It's hard for me too. Praying for God to comfort you and the families during this time!

Praying your blood sugars level out soon! Praying your fibromyalgia gets better as well!!

We've had really bad storms/tornadoes lately...really about every few days...I don't really get scared, but have been concerend/worried a little bit when an actual tornado goes over your house.

It's great catching up with you! Oh...and I've been wanting to write a book too...just can't find the time or motivation. So go for it girl!!

Stacy said...

I couldn't agree more about Bristol Palin...almost 20 years have passed since I myself had to make a choice and I chose adoption..I can't tell you how many friends I lost, how many people had hurtful things to say, how my own church (at that time) became a center of gossip and how much it hurt me to have to choose to place my baby in the hands of someone else and back out the door and pray to God I had made the best choice for that little tore my heart in two...people are mean, cruel and judgmental..I am sure that many of those "friends" of mine back then just didn't get caught, and as you put it I could have simply had an abortion and no one would have ever known the difference..I gave my baby life and loved him enough to give him to two parents that have hopefully given him a wonderful Christian life..he will be 20 on May the 17th..So kudos to Bristol for taking the higher tougher road...:) Maybe I should start a blog:)

Caitlin said...

I found your blog through my mom. I am Vicki's daughter, Caitlin! I just wanted to stop by and say Hello!
We know a boy at church that has CF too. We just love his family. They are great people! :-) I think that you are such a great inspiration for others that have CF as well!
I just wanted to stop by and say Hey!

Vicki said...

I like your Dear Diary format.
Very nice.
I agree with you about Bristol Palin LEAVE.HER.ALONE

I, too, am guilty of your Twitter addiction.. it is so much easier. I have been there too!
But I, too, put up a new blog and hope to try to do better! lol
Hang in there..
Give hugs to J and your sweet wonderful daughter!! What a jewel she is!!!
I'm sorry for your CF losses - loosing anyone is always hard!
more ((HUGS))