Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Her Name is Mia

Thanks to everyone who voted!!! Mia won with 18 votes out of 57. Somer I loved your suggestion. Sophie is too cute, but we've already started calling her Mia... it really does just fit! Carrie, I can't wait to see pics of your Chloe!!!! Cara, I'm the same way. I didn't have my first small dog until Casey started having allergies to the large ones with fur. Now, we have to have small ones, like poodles that have hair instead of fur. We used to raise Australian Shepherds years ago when we lived on a farm, and of course had labs too. :)

Now, we have 2 toy poodles. haha. Casey does have 3 labs at her dad's house, but they are on the bottom floor, and Casey's bedroom is on the top. The only dog on the top floor with her is... you guessed it a toy poodle.

Mia is adapting to Balin, but Balin isn't adapting to Mia. He runs away from her and she just stands at the bottom of the sofa and barks at him. It's so cute. He is so unsure of what to think of her yet. She does well in her kennel until about 6:00 am and then she wants to get in the bed with me. She goes right back to sleep snuggled in my arms. It's a match made in heaven. :)

Thanks again everyone!!

Christy, Jason, and Casey


Hope said...

Mia is adorable!! When Ava's airway is more stable, we're getting a puppy. That's mot for a while, though. Have lots of fun with Mia.

Carrie said...

I must have missed this! What an adorable little black fluffball! Mia is the perfect name!

*Tracy* said...

im not really a dog person but shes cute! and love the name. hugs

Heidi said...

Mia is so cute!! I can't wait to see more pictures.

Katey said...

YEA For Mia!!!

Carrie said...

Even though I voted for Ella I think that Mia fits her perfectly!! She is adorable!! We are loving our little Chloe so much. Her feet haven't hit the ground very much between all of us holding her. How do you train your puppies...to go outside or peepee pads? We have been using the pads and she is doing well on them. There are so many big dogs in our neighborhood that it makes it difficult to take her outside.

CowTown said...

Very cute!

Somer Love said...

I love Mia! Sophie can be her middle name ;)

The pugs send lots of snorts and licks!

Zoe Isabella said...

Yeah! I voted for Mia! What a cutie she is! We also have 2 toy poodles! Our older one was 4 when we got the new one, she tried her best to "ignore" the new addition. It was actually funny...the puppy would try to lick or chew on her and she would literally turn her head away. Now they are bestfriends! Enjoy!!

Aubrey said...

She is SO cute! Sorry I missed out on the voting but you picked a great name!

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