Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Randomness if I've ever seen it

This post is totally random. I will say anything that comes to mind, so don't expect it to make much sense. :)

I think that EVERYONE should accept EVERYONE and not judge. I have learned from my new and wonderful pastor that we should not judge. I have friends from every religion, sexual orientation, political affiliation, location, etc. I love everyone... just like Jesus did!!!!!!! Isn't that amazing?

I ordered a new shirt.. pics soon. that says "what are you so afraid of?". What it boils down to is this... we are so comfortable with the people we are familiar with and are so afraid of those who are different.. Well............ DON'T be. Jesus wouldn't be. Why do some people have to be. Especially those raised in the south? LOL.

Ok, another random thought. Why do we try so hard to figure out the right gift for our loved ones who have EVERYTHING already? Why not make a pact with your family that you will all give to a needy family or angel on a tree at church or in the mall, or some other needy family? It makes much more sense than giving someone something that they will just stuff in a closet b/c they have so much already. Right?

Ok, another random thought. Jacob was hot in New Moon!!!! Am I right? I hated him in the book, but dang.. I loved the movie. Can't wait to own it.

Ok on a sad note.. my cousin Garfield passed away this past week. How sad. He always had smiles for everyone. And also some sad news. I have lost 4 CF friends in a little over a week. The oldest age was in their 40's. :( It's so not fair. I'm angry, but also thankful that they have no more suffering.

Christmas decorations are done. Presents are not. I need to get on the ball. Only a few more weeks ppl. WOW.. can you believe it?

Any of you planning on vacations next year? I really want to go to Boston, then up to Maine. I hope that works out!!!!! Have a blessed Christmas everyone, and good luck with the decorations, parties, recitals, concerts, presents and of course family time. Love you all!


Amy said...

Phew I'm exhausted reading that haha!

I agree about doing the angel thing for Christmas. it does make sense. We do it at work every year and I love buying a gift for a child.

Sorry about Garfield :(

Very sad we lost so many friends :( 2010 shall be better!!!


Juliana said...

Oh has been a very long time since I have been to your blog and I am so glad that I did. I love this post. I agree with you and wish more people would think this way. You are one of those people who restore my faith in humanity. Thank you.

Katey said...

Very scattered and random post...but I like it :)

Sorry about Garfield and the CF friends passing. It really stinks!

I totally agree about making a pact with your loved ones for Christmas and give to a family or child in need instead of giving each other something we really don't need. I had plans on doing an angel sidetracked. I need to look into that ASAP!

Glad you are doing well! (and glad to see you post)

Carrie said...

That was random post...but those are the best ones usually!!
And yes Jacob was so hot it was not even funny...17 year old boys should not be allowed to look like that :)

Katelyn said...

You were right - it was random! I am so glad you updated though. :)

Kara Douglas said...

Christy YOU are to funny lol.

Sorry to hear about your cousin ((hugs)) I agree with everything you said very well done for randomness lol.

Anonymous said...

I love your! Umm and at the end I hope you plan on coming here when you say Boston! I will get your room ready now!! LY

Christy said...

Lori, OF COURSE!!!! You are such a gracious host, but I have so many other people to visit there.. all connected with CF, so we will be busy. LOL. Love you so much. When things calm down this week... which will prob be Friday, I'll give you a call!!! XOXOXOX