Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar Fashion 2011

I was pretty much blown away by the red carpet fashion this year. SO blown away, that it was hard for me to pick 5 worst dresses. There were quite a few that were mediocre, 3 that were horrible, but the rest of the looks were glamorous and Oscar-worthy! There were many wives/significant others of celebrities who looked amazing, but I only included the stars in my reviews.

Usually, I try and review every red carpet look, but I have decided this year, to only pick my top 5 best and worst dressed. All photos by Yahoo Movies.

Just like in my previous reviews, I look at the entire "package" and not just the dress. I think that a hairstyle, make-up, and accessories play into how a celebrity appears on the red carpet as much as her dress does. And as always, I stay away from other reviews before writing mine.

There were many red dresses last night. Honestly, I was impressed with only one of them, and that person is in my top 5 best dressed list below. None of them made my worst dressed list, but were in the mediocre category in my opinion.

As far as the winners at the awards show, the only winner I was disappointed with was for best supporting actress. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, I think that Helena Bonham Carter should have won that award for her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth in "The King's Speech".

Ok, onto my 5 best dresses. I am starting with my number five choice and counting down to my number one:

Reese Witherspoon certainly looks like she stepped out of the 1960's with this look. As simple as this dress was, it was a stunner! Channeling Bridget Bardot (or Bardie if you want to go that far) with her voluminous, sexy hairstyle, she really did stand out on the red carpet. This look could have been a nightmare had she paired the big hair with a busy dress, but since she kept the dress elegant and simple with just the perfect amount of color contrast, she is a winner in my book! Oh and I must mention her gorgeous emerald earrings, which only added to her overall loveliness.

Halle Berry, your beauty never ceases to amaze me. From head to toe, she rocked this look! I prefer Halle with short hair, and last night proved that it could never look better. Her cropped, spiky hair was flawless! She needs to keep her make up artist on speed dial. Those smoldering, smoky eyes were gorgeous! Her nude dress went perfectly with her skin tone. There is nothing bad I can say about her strapless, crystal and tulle gown. She was so elegant, that I think this may be her best look ever.

Calvin Klein rarely disappoints. Jennifer Lawrence has the perfect figure for this red, scoop necked gown. Some may say that it is too simple of the Oscar red carpet, but less is most certainly sometimes best. Her long, flowing blonde hair, eye-popping make up, and minimal accessories complete this simple, but yet very glamorous look.

Wow Mila Kunis! Casey and I both gasped when we saw her on the red carpet. This lace and chiffon gown was very unique and very flattering to Mila's petite frame. Periwinkle has always been one of my favorite colors (it was my favorite crayon growing up). I adored her clutch and her accessories, and I thought that her wavy up-do was very elegant. She is definitely one to watch on future red carpets. I haven't seen a bad look on her yet, and this is only the beginning for the beautiful, bright young star.

Can you believe, after all of the bad reviews that I have given Amy Adams in the past, that she is my number 1 best dressed this year? Maybe she's been reading my reviews.. ha! Let's start with the wavy, side-swept hair. It is feminine, elegant, and the perfect color red you could ask for. Her blue, jewel-encrusted, capped sleeve gown went perfectly with her skin tone and red hair. It accentuated her amazing figure! I loved the fact that she paired this blue gown with emerald jewelry. It was a lovely look all the way around. Thank you Amy for finally hiring the right stylist!

And now... my picks for the worst dressed. Again, I'll end with my choice for number one worst look:

Nicole, Nicole, Nicole. You never cease to amaze me with your colorless red carpet looks. When you decide to wear color to an awards show, I think that the heavens will rejoice! You have such an amazing body, but yet you choose this hip-flaring, strapless nightmare. And what is going on with the metallic flower and leaf embellishments? I do however, like the necklace and the shoes, but unfortunately, that doesn't save you from my worst dressed list.

First of all, who is Florence Welch? Ok, she's a singer.. I'm just kidding. Anyway, for her first Oscar red carpet appearance, she definitely didn't hire a stylist. If Caroline Ingalls were to go to a ball, she would have worn this. She could have pulled off the color of this dress with her firey red hair (which by the way looked like she took scissors to right before she stepped out last night), but there is nothing good to say about this lace, ruffled, granny pajama gown.

I know exactly where Marisa Tomei found her gown. It's actually a bedskirt from one of her old comforter sets, and she is definitely into recycling! From the swimsuit-like straps and neckline, to her overboard tulle skirt, this dress just fails to impress me at all! Marisa's hairstyle was just ok, but I did find her earrings to be my favorite piece of jewelry last night!

It seems that Melissa Leo is also into recycling.... her grandmother's old doilies. In the running (and eventually winning) for the award of best supporting actress, she should have chosen an elegant gown that wasn't so busy. I wasn't impressed with the lines of the dress either. From the high neckline in the back, to the padded shoulders, to the odd-looking front slit, nothing about this gown was even remotely attractive. Her loose up-do is the only thing nice I have to say about this overall look.

Don't get me wrong here, Cate Blanchet is one of the most beautiful, talented actresses in Hollywood!!! Obviously though, she has not an ounce of style, and that is why she gets my number 1 worst dressed look of the night! What is going on with this alien-inspired nightmare of a gown? This lavender (or light blue?) gown with it's very odd embellishments appears to have been squirted with mustard on both shoulders. Do you think that Cate had indulged in a hot dog before stepping out on the red carpet? The accordion skirt was the only part of the gown that should have left the designer's workshop. From the neck up, she does impress. I'm just sorry that she doesn't pair that with an Oscar-worthy (not a Halloween-worthy) gown.

Honorable mentions (those who would have made my top 10 if I had reviewed that many) are Natalie Portman, Hailee Seinfeld, Mandy Moore, Hillary Swank, and Michelle Williams. They all looked lovely!!!

As always, I would love to hear your opinions. Agree, or disagree! Tell me your best and worst dressed celebs of the night! :)


Angie McKInney said...

Spot on..Although I was alittle unsure how I felt about Jennifer's( too low, too plain) and Milas( is that dress see through..gasp) dress...but Amy Adams ( who I love) looked amazing! and the worst 5 were just that..Worse! lol

Anonymous said...

Christy, Your worst 5 discription gave me a great laugh! I agree wholeheartedly. I liked the 5 best dressed too. You have a talent for writing!

whatsherface said...

I agree with most of your choices - Mila Kunis just really stunned me, both in the film (Black Swan) and on the red carpet. She's really matured into a beautiful young woman and is beginning to show her range as an actress. I wholeheartedly agree with your choice for worst dressed - I think the shoulders of Cate's dress rather look like bile, lol.

I do, however, disagree with your choices of Halle Berry on the best list and Florence (of Florence and the Machine) on the worst list. I have never liked those champagne/nude colored gowns so I wouldn't have put Halle in the top (although her skin tone allows her to pull it off better than most) and while Florence's gown also fell into that color category, the gown itself was very pretty, IMO. I also think her hair was lovely - perfect for a musician such as herself - and I'm actually rather impressed that she remained true to herself, while still 'dressing up' appropriately for the red carpet. Bjork and her infamous swan comes to mind as a rockstar red carpet disaster; Florence was far from worst dressed, IMO

whatsherface said...

This is Rhiannon, btw ;-)

Christy said...

Thanks for your opinions. :)

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