Friday, June 6, 2008

Too hot to go outside and exercise?

I am always searching for that "perfect" workout video. I have been through so many, I cannot even count them. I just ordered another, and I'm hoping it will have the results I want, and give me the motivation I need to continue exercising. It has gotten excellent reviews from what I've read. Click here to purchase. I am hearing that people are seeing results as early as 2 weeks after starting this video. I'll write a review as soon as I get it and start working out to it... that is if I can walk to the computer. :)


Debbie said...

Hey, I am impressed that you want to work out. I'm healthy and to have the commitment to excersize like I should. Good going.

Anonymous said...

Well hey there my motivated sister!:)I am famous for buying workout dvd's and then trying them out 1nce maybe 2wice,but then they somehow end up on the shelve w/the rest of the movies. Maybe it is me looking totally uncoordinated and goofy in my small living room bumping into furniture hoping the neighbors didn't see me, or maybe I am just plain ol lazy:) Anyway good for you! I will call you this week. Miss and love you tons! xoxo

Katelyn said...

I love to work out too but hate going to the gym if it's too hot. I hope this works for you! I have these yoga/pilates tapes that I use religiously and they really do the job!

How are you doing? I saw that you posted on my blog and was thrilled to have another 'buddy'! I see that your on the transplant list for a kidney surgery. How is that going? Best wishes to you and I hope that you receive that much anticipated call very, very soon!