Friday, June 27, 2008

Unaccompanied Minor

Because Casey's dad works for USAirways, Casey gets to fly free. It's a nice perk, but after flying standby for many years, I came to realize that with that perk can be a lot of aggravation. Casey flew to see her grandparents in Florida yesterday. We tried to get her on the 1:00 flight, but it was oversold... so were the 4:00 and 6:00, so we went back to the airport for the 8:00 flight last night. She FINALLY made it.

It wasn't her first time flying by herself, but it always makes me nervous. They are very careful with the kids and they escort them on and off the plane and you have to sign paperwork when you pick up and drop off a child, so I know they are safe, but I still worry. She was not nervous at all, which did make it easier for me. Kids are so tough!

Anyway, she is now going to be staying a few extra days because her cousins are coming down there from Pennsylvania. She is so excited. She is pretty homesick.. she just texted me for about an hour.. LOL, but that's because it's bedtime. Tomorrow, when she's busy again, she'll be fine.

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