Monday, April 6, 2009

And the winner is...

Ok, so we put the names in a hat... literally, and drew a name at exactly 8:00 pm EST. All the people who attempted to answer a question were entered. Casey drew the name after rooting around in the hat for a good 20 seconds... LOL. It was a completely fair drawing, just so you guys know...

AND the winner is... Christy (and no, not me... haha)!! Congratulations Christy!! Email me with your address, and I will send you the book! I wish everyone could have won. Maybe I'll have another contest again soon!!! Next time I'll make the answers multiple choice. :)

Some of you are serious Twilighters!!! Thanks so much to those who participated. You guys did great. I know they were hard questions. If Casey wasn't so into these books, I wouldn't know half of these answers, but I've heard her talk about Twilight for a year and a half now, so our whole family is pretty well versed in the entire Twilight series. LOL.

Here are the answers for those of you who haven't looked them up yet. If for some reason, Casey and I have gotten any of them wrong, or not answered them fully, please correct us...

1.) What is Edward's full name? Edward Anthony Masen Cullen

2.) What year was Edward born? 1901

3.) What was Edward dying from? the Spanish Infuenza

4.) What color Porche does Alice drive? Yellow

5.) What did Bella call Edward's volvo? A ____ ____ Volvo. Stupid Shiny Volvo

6.) How tall is Alice? 4' 10"

7.) What is Bella's special talent after she's turned? Mind shield

8.) How many ribs did Bella break during her attack from James? 4

9.) Who was Sam's high school sweetheart? Leah

10.) How did Carlisle try to kill himself after he found out he was a vampire? (3 ways) Jumping from great heights, drowning, and starvation

11.) What color was Bella's prom dress? deep blue

12.) What did Edward say Bella did in her sleep? talked

13.) What is Emmett's favorite animal to hunt? grizzly bear

14.) Who is the Volturi leader? Aro

15.) What was the name of the restaurant that Edward and Bella went to in Port Angeles? La Bella Italia

16.) What is Renesmee's middle name? Carlie

17.) Who did Quil imprint on? Claire

18.) What was the name of the half vampire/half human like Renesmee? Nahuel (there were others, but this was the main one)

19.) What was Jacob's nickname for Renesmee? Nessie

OK and this one is only for those who have read "Midnight Sun" (Edward's version of the story, which is only available here)...

20.) What did Edward put on his piano to help him write Bella's lullaby? Bella's lemonade bottle cap


Christy said...

Woo hoo!! I will e-mail you my address...this was fun!

Laryssa said...

That really was fun. Congratulations to Christy.

Now I really have to read the books over again ... Edward Anthony MASEN Cullen??? I did not remember that at all!! Guess I'll start rereading today! :)

Live.Love.Eat said...

Loved Twilight!!!!! Great game!!!!!

Somer Love said...

Congrats Christy!! This was a fun idea... I might have to do a contest one of these days :) Maybe a Madge one. Because you know I am your CCC :)