Thursday, April 30, 2009

What I've been doing and how I'm seeing a difference

Lunges! Stepper like this one! Weight training! Walking! Push-ups! Yep, I've gotten motivated. I'm finally feeling better than I have in a couple of years and am taking advantage of it. And once you start seeing results, it just motivates you to do more.

I started out doing 10 lunges per leg and 5 push-ups per day. I then bought the stepper and started using that. It came with 2 work-out DVD's. It is unbelievable the difference I have seen in my stamina since I started this. Even when I was only doing so few reps, I was getting stronger.

J and I walked a hill last night in our neighborhood that I hadn't attempted in a very long time. I did it without taking any breaks. It's never been about my lungs (well, since transplant at least). My leg muscles have just been so weak. They are the first muscles that seem to "waste" when I get sick, and for me, they are the hardest to build up.

I've also been eating tons of protein which is making a huge difference. I've always loved almonds, but now since I'm exercising so much, I'm going through a 2 lb tub of almonds in a little over a week. I am also eating a lot of chicken, cottage cheese, and soy nuts. Anytime you consume a lot of protein you should also consume a lot of water, so I'm doing that also. My one downfall is chocolate. LOL. I'm craving it everyday! With that of course, comes insulin. :)

When asked by pre-transplanters what advice I would give them, it has always been "Build up your leg muscles", because being in the hospital decreases muscle mass so fast! Lunges are a perfect way to do this, besides the obvious... walking.

Other than me trying to act like Jillian Michaels, things have been pretty uneventful. We've been staying busy and enjoying the springtime. :) I hope all of you are too!

11 comments: said...

Keep up the good work!!! That's seriously soooooo awesome!

Gotta love those protein sources....


OceanDesert said...

Yay Christy!! That's fantastic!

The classes I go to at my gym have A LOT of lunges and step aerobics and it has SERIOUSLY made a difference. My legs are MUCH stronger and I can even tell when I wear shoes with a higher heel, my legs/calves don't hurt as much! ... bonus!

I was listening to a radio interview with Hugh Jackman (who is just awesome in my opinion)a couple days ago, cuz the Wolverine world premiere was in Tempe, AZ... anyways they asked him if he recommended ONE exercise, what would it be... He said squats b/c he thinks there's something about when your leg muscles are activated and working hard it gets your whole body/heart/lungs and other muscles working and built up.

SO, long story short... Hugh and I agree with you ;)

Christy said...

Well Sara, Hugh obviously knows what he's talking about. He gained a ton of muscle for the movie! :)

CFlover said...

Im so excited for you!!
How fun is it feeling good?!?

Keep up the good work..its fantastic!!

Piper said...

awesome work christy! you're gonna be kicking butt by summer!

i love running, biking and walking but am still super intimidated by long flights of stairs. i think you just inspired me to get one of those cute stair stepper thingys!

Natalia Ritchie said...

Thanks so much for the advice!! I am having such leg issues now since my longish hospital stay. I used to have crazy leg muscles, and now my legs just shake. I think I will being the lunges...holding onto something of course, but I gotta do it.


Katey said...

Glad your exercising is going so well! As soon as my foot heals...I plan on starting back on my running. I miss it and feel so that's frustrating. And like's usually never a lung issue for's my legs. Mine were so weak after my transplant, that I've never regained 100% of my muslces back! Good luck and congrats!!

Tina said...

I love this post Christy !!!!! Yay yay yay, I'm so glad to hear you are feeling SO good and in such a great place. Yay

(I'll make S read it, for inspiration)

Somer Love said...

Awesome job Christy!!!!!!!

I am starting this too! Tap dancing is a very good way to get those legs in shape! Plus you get to make a lot of noise at the same time :)

Julia Brown said...

Even back when I was in my best shape, I'd get killed doing lunges (have a hurt knee now, so haven't done them in a long time). And I ALWAYS eat my almonds with Ghiradelli 60% cacao choclate chips and dried cranberries! Maybe I'm not a good example! :)

Kimberly said...

Wow Christy- honestly - looking @ you - you look very healthy couldn't tell anything was wrong. Thank God for your family support. You have a beautiful family and obviously God needs you here for a reason :)