Tuesday, April 8, 2008

$52,000.. wow!

Are you wondering if there is still good left in this world.. if people still care? Our church gave away a total of $52,000 last week to those attending (other churches are doing this too). It's called the Bless Back project. The instructions were to donate whatever money you received wherever God leads you...

Here is one of my favorite stories.. it's from a friend of mine!

Last week, I received $50 for the Bless Back Project and all week I have been praying that God would show me what to do with it. I could totally relate to what Mike said tonight in the service about looking at everyone he meets to see if they are the one. I have been doing this everywhere I go. Tonight after the service, I stopped in Duckworth's to pick up a coffee and a newspaper. I saw a couple at the doughnuts when I walked in, but didn't really pay attention to them. Suddenly I heard a man from behind say, "excuse me, Maam". I turned around to find a young man standing there with his hand out holding a quarter and some other change. He told me he wanted to buy a doughnut for his wife but was a little short. I wasn't sure I heard him right, and I asked him what he had said. He explained that his wife was pregnant and that she really wanted a doughnut, could I spare a dollar or some change. As I looked at him, his wife came up behind him. She was a young lady who was quite pregnant. She looked a little embarrassed and I just knew these were the people. As I reached in my purse, I started explaining that my Church had handed out money last weekend for us to bless someone who needed it and that I had been praying all week. As I handed her the $100 I told her that I felt that God had led me to them. The look on her face was incredible. The husband, started to stammer a bit, and said, "what? You are giving us $100?" I said, "yes. God loves you and wants to bless you. I hope you will use this for your baby and to improve your situation. If you do not have a church, I hope you will come to mine". When I told them I went to the Cove, the wife got very excited saying they had been to the Cove at Easter. She said they would definitely come again and thanked me over and over again. The husband said, "you have no idea how much we need this. We are about to have this baby, we have no insurance. God bless you and thank you". I hugged them both and told them I would look forward to seeing them at the Cove. I want to thank the Cove church for blessing me with this incredible experience, and I ask that all who read this will say a prayer for this couple that they would have a healthy baby and that they would get their lives back on track.


Debbie said...

You haven't posted for a while. I pray you are doing well and just staying busy.

Anonymous said...

hi love it was great talking to u the other day! I miss u and wish we were closer it gets so boring here during the day. I love that story you wrote about the giving back...I totally believe that God will provide all your needs...and you will be blessed for helping that man out..you rock! xoxo lu!