Friday, April 4, 2008

Sleep, sleep and more sleep

I'm not sure if it's the infection or the IV antibiotics that are making me so tired.. but something is definitely doing it. I haven't been online much in the last week and a half, because I have been SLEEPING!!! I am averaging about 18 hours/day of sleep. I haven't been like this since pre-transplant. Since I am allergic to these antibiotics, even though I was desensitized to them, I am thinking that could be one reason I'm so tired, or maybe this infection is just the worst I've had since transplant. My kidneys don't work so well, so maybe that has something to do with it.

 Anyway, I am feeling better yesterday and today, and tomorrow Jason and I are taking a trip to the mountains for the day. Casey is at her dad's this weekend. :(

I'm working on a photo/video montage of Casey. I can't wait to post it. Some of these pictures I have of her as a baby seem like they were taken yesterday!! Time really does fly, as all you parents know! I do enjoy her so much now, but looking at these pics from 10 - 12 years ago make me wish time didn't go so fast. 

Keep Tricia and Bjorn in your prayers please! Tricia got her new lungs yesterday, and Bjorn got his 2nd pair of new lungs last week.

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