Monday, April 28, 2008

Duke.. $48,000 a year

My daughter Casey is set on going to Duke. She wants to be a cardiac surgeon. It's $48,000 a year now.. imagine what it will cost in 6 years when she's ready to go. We were looking up scholarships tonight and realize just how competitive it is now. It's not just about having a 4.0 average, or being good at a sport or other extra-curricular activity.. it's about being involved in everything. Some of the kids that got full scholarships to Duke have done more in the past 4 years than some people do in a lifetime... talk about overachievers. I told Casey that she can do anything she wants in life as long as it's God's will for her too. She said, "But Mom, what if He wants me to be a nurse.. I really don't want to do that." LOL. I told her that God will make her desires like His if she prays for that. She's doing that now. 

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