Wednesday, September 17, 2008

7 things about me!

I got this idea from Nate's blog. Thanks Nate! I'm not sure why it's 7 things though... why not 5 or 10?? Anyway, here goes...

1.) I am obsessed with white teeth. It's the first thing I'll look for when talking to someone (maybe because I'm a lip reader). I drink everything through a straw (except coffee) so that my teeth won't stain. I'm not sure where this came from, or how this evolved, but it's something I can't shake.

2.) Driving scares me! I used to not think anything about it, but since the meds have slowed my reaction time down, I worry that someone is going to pull out in front of me, or stop suddenly, and I won't have time to react. I still drive, but prefer someone to drive me to Duke or Charlotte to my doctor's appointments, or any other long distances.

3.) I have a hair phobia. I can't get in the bathtub because I almost have a fear of being in there with a stray hair. I will only take showers. LOL. When I go to a hotel room, the first thing I do is pull the top sheet back and "inspect" the bottom sheet for stray hairs. If there are any, I take a lint brush and get them off. It's also why I don't like cats or dogs that shed. I have a toy poodle that loses hair more like a person instead of a dog. I just use the lint brush on the furniture. If I find a hair in my food (even my own), that's it.. I'm done eating.

4.) I am always cold, but would prefer to live in a northern state. I love the New England states, but yet, I freeze when it's below 70 degrees. I also love rainy days, and fall and winter. Summer depresses me.

5.) I am very blessed to have a lot of friends I consider my bffs (best friends). They are all originally from Virginia. Some still live there. We have all been through a lot together, and will always be there for one another!!

6.) I have a thing for the British! 'Nuff said!!

7.) My medical problems really don't bother me that much. It's a way of life you get used to. As long as I can hang in here for my daughter.. I'm ok with it all. I totally agree with the words from Corey Hart's song "Never Surrender". I added it to my playlist. For all you youngsters out there.. it's a great 80's song.. but weren't they all??


Shea said...

I liked reading your 7 things. It nice to learn new things about someone. I have a thing for good teeth too, but I work in the dental field, so it has made me WAY more aware lol!

Anonymous said...

LOL..bout the hair phobia..when jay shaves and I find hair on the sink, oh I get violent:) I am jealous of your teeth, I have that one pic of us and my teeth look like I may possibly smoke 10 packs a day...they are so yellow. boo for my yellow teeth! have a great weekend..xoxo