Thursday, September 11, 2008

Where I was... Where were you?

I know that we all know exactly the place we were when we heard about the tragedy on 9.11.01. I had been in the hospital for about one week, and was scheduled to be discharged that day. I had this student nurse come in that morning and want to do a history on me (it was her first day of clinicals), so I agreed. I knew I wouldn't be discharged until early afternoon, because they had to get home IV's set up with my home healthcare company, so she would have plenty of time to get all she needed before I had to leave.

After the student nurse had taken about 30 minutes of my history, a nurse came in the room and told us to turn on the news. It was then that we saw that the first tower had been hit. Everything was kind of a blur after that, but I remember she continued taking my history, trying to fill out that horrible packet of papers she had. We had the news turned down low, but saw when they announced that the 2nd plane had hit the 2nd tower. Of course we were all thinking then that our country was under attack, but this poor girl was STILL trying to take my history. I couldn't concentrate on what she was saying.

Having gone through nursing school myself, I know how eager you are the first day of clinicals, so I tried to sympathize with her, but at that point I just wanted her to leave. Her nursing instructor finally came in and told her that all of the students could go home. I was so thankful. My mom, Casey, and I continued to follow the story in the hospital, on the news on the way home, and then at home that evening.

Where were you when it happened? I'd love to hear some of your stories.


Princess Talana said...

I happened to be home at my parents house that morning. I had just returned from working for over 2 months in Maine, and was preparing to move into my apartment for my sophomore year of college. That morning, in the wee hours, I awoke suddenly right before 6am pacific time, with the strongest urge to go out to the living room and to turn on the tv. I finally convinced myself that I was silly to want to watch the tv that early. Little did I know I woke up right when the first plane had hit the first tower. I finally was awoken about four hours later by my best friend calling me from Disney World where she worked. She stated she was bored because the park was closed... I asked her why... then she had the unenviable task of breaking the news to me.

brad said...

i was in the City for the day.
I was close enough to hear and feal the impact of the plane.
It was crazy. I drove home the 55 miles down south I 95 without seeing even one car.


Christy said...

WOW Brad, 95 with no cars??? Amazing.

Shea said...

I was at work. Both of the doctors I worked for were not white. That shouldn't have mattered, but in our small town, it felt like it did sometimes. What I remember was business being slow the following weeks and my boss hanging an American flag on the side of the building. Neither were muslim, but I was asked many times in the following weeks if they were. A muslim owned baskin robbins/gas station was closed over night in our town. No one ever knew why, they just saw a uhaul pull up the night before 9/11 and pack up everything. In the recent months after, the docs had to go to a conference in Fl. They chose not to fly and drove instead because of the color of their skin. So it is not so much the exactly day that stuck in my mind as it was the fear that ensued the next few months. I saw people be judged just for the color of their skin, and it hurt.

Debbie said...

I was in Jackson, MI on staff with New Tribes Mission's Bible school. We were suppose to be having a staff ladies meeting which was cancelled.

berni said...

hi christy
i just found you on here... too funny
my blog is new breath of life
i haven't set it up yet but will soon
hope you are doing ok
i have a little bit of rejection which they have treated with pred. so i have pft next week to see what is up
i feel great and danica is doing well in her new school
talk soon