Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Peritoneal Dialysis

My nephrologist decided today that I need to start peritoneal dialysis (PD). He thinks I should do dialysis until early to mid-winter, and then get my transplant. He is thinking December or January for transplant, but I will find out more about scheduling when I meet with the surgeon at Duke next week.

Jason and I attend a PD class tomorrow morning in Charlotte to learn about it. I will then be scheduled for surgery to have a catheter placed in my abdomen for dialysis. This is different than hemodialysis where you have to go 3 times a week to a clinic/infusion center to have dialysis. I will be doing PD at home every night. My nephrologist didn't think I'd tolerate hemodialysis very well because of my consistently low blood pressure. He thinks the PD will help increase my appetite and get me in shape for transplant.


Anonymous said...

hang in there! you are in my thoughts and prayers..xoxo

Lisa J. said...

I am thinking about you as you go through all this stuff! Praying for you too! I found some nursing school pictures last night looking through. Where has the time gone?

Heidi said...

hang in there! My gma did peritonial (funny I just learned all these words in anatomy) dialysis, she liked it better than hemodialysis. I hope your cath placement goes well.

Stacy said...

Thinking of U!!