Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Skin changes since transplant

Ever since my kidney transplant in November, my skin has completely changed. I have always had dry skin. I have always used products for dry skin. For 2 months now, my skin has been oily. Thankfully, I haven't had any problems with acne like I did after my lung transplant (due to prednisone), but I think that's because I am using the Clarins skin care line. However, I am waking up with oil all over my nose and forehead. Even as a teenager, I never had this. I have read that oily skin ages slower than dry skin, so that's definitely a plus, but I used to could go 2 days without washing my hair, and now there is no way I could do that. My hair is oily too.

I am wondering if this has to do with diet changes. I mean, I went a year or more without eating much at all. Getting in one good meal a day was a chore. Now, I'm eating tons of protein, taking vitamins, and drinking tons of water. I'm also eating at least 6 meals a day.

Have any of you (post transplant or not) had such sudden skin changes?? I'm closing in on 40 pretty fast, so maybe age has a lot to do with it.

There is a college nearby that has an esthetician training program. They offer facials for $10 a pop and microdermabrasion for $50. I think it's usually $100 or more. I am thinking of taking my Christmas money and doing this. I do have some age spots that have recently (like in the past couple of years) shown up. I hear that microdermabrasion will help with those, and reduce the appearance of pores. My mother-in-law recently got a facial from them, and her skin looks incredible.


OceanDesert said...

Hey Christy! I SO hear you about the carbs!!!! I will take bread, cereal, pasta, crackers over a piece of cake any day!!! THey taste so dang good, but for sure, they make my sugars go UP and my belly go OUT! :)

Oh, and the skin changes I noticed after tx was that I had chronic ecxzema on my fore arms that cleared up almost immediately after the tx!...weird. I had it for YEARS before that.

The other thing was the sun/age spot I have under my right eye got worse after tx... I became religious about putting spf30 on everywhere, everyday! I used Fresh's Appleseed Brightening Essence. It has Vit C Glucoside in it which helps to reduce the dark spots, which are basically hyperpigmentation.

Here's the link for more info on it:

It is pricey, but I have had the same bottle since August!.. It doesn't take much and it WORKED for me, so I thought it was worth it.

Oh, and I can only go every other day without washing my hair cuz it get's too oily too...

Ok, just my two cents! :)

Carolyn said...

Hello, I do have oily skin anyway but when I was pregnant my skin was super oily! My first pregnancy I just lived with it and washed my face 2x a day but when I got pregnant with my second child it was even worse so I went to my Dr and she said I could do microdermabrasions. I went every two weeks at first for about the first 4 and then went once a month and it really helped! I really like microdermabrasions! That is a really great price too!! Good luck and hope you like them!

Aimee said...

I had this same problem...sort of.

I have always had really dry skin. And I could go a day or two without washing my hair. Now my face is oily and my hair has to be washed everyday or it looks nasty! haha The wierd thing is the rest of my skin is still dry.

Katelyn said...

I haven't had a transplant, but I have very oily skin. If I don't use the right products, all you see in a picture is my shine.

I have been having microdermebrasions for years and I cannot tell you how much it has helped my skin. It helps with the crows feet that I already began to notice at age 23 and it really refreshes my skin. I think a lot of the reason I had acne was, one, hereditary, and two, the chemicals that are at my face two times a day because of my nebulizers. I really do recommend getting a microderm. My skins loves it and it really helps maintain the oil and my acne is is far better control that it was years ago.

Anyway, I hope it helps. AND since you don't have acne, it won't hurt nearly as much. It only hurts when you have acne because every possible one is popped... ouch!

Christy said...

Wow guys... thanks so much for the responses. I'm definitely going to be trying the microderm and I'm also considering the product you suggested Sara.

Anderburf said...

Hi Christy,
That is a great price for microdermabrasion! I wanted to let you know that if you are looking for a good at-home option, Garden Girl has a Starting Over microdermabrasion cream. I like that they don't use parabens or unnecessary chemicals. They also carry products for oily skin as well. They are very helpful if you have any questions. You can find them at Good luck!

Anonymous said...

You're not alone in this, ever since I graced the earth in 1986... I've had nothing but problems with my skin. It's too dry AND too oily, I can't find a medium between the two. I have to powder my nose about 10 times a day :| and I have to take a shower every single day because my hair gets oily within a few hours. I have to dye my hair every 2 months to get rid of excess oil in my hair, this is not the best route but it works for me. Good luck hon!

Christy said...

Thanks so much for the tips guys!!!!!! You are the greatest!

Katey said...

My hear is SO much oilier (is that a word?) since my transplant. I, like you, could go 2 days without washing my hair and it would be fine. But now, even though it's still clean, it looks dirty, because its oily. I ended up buying a shampoo for oily hair.

The skin on my face is more oily too. I have a pretty clear face, but have more trouble now getting rid of redness or pimples, if they appear than I did before transplant. And if I'm on iv abx or prednison burst, it makes it worse. However, the rest of my skin (arms, legs, etc.) stays very dry.

Sounds like I should maybe try the microderm for my face too :)