Thursday, January 15, 2009

A very fun photo tag!

Ok this tag is easy and a lot of fun! I was tagged by Carrie over at Capturing Glimpses. Carrie is a mother of 4 beautiful children and has been married for 18 years now. Her youngest son has Cystic Fibrosis, and her blog is awesome! You should check it out.

Here are the tag rules:

1.) Go to your 4th folder where you store your photos.
2.) Select your 4th picture (no exceptions)! Seriously.. no exceptions.
3.) Post the picture with an explanation and link it back to your tagger.
4.) Tag 4 people to do the same!!

Ok, so here is the 4th picture in the 4th folder under my iPhotos:

This is Casey and Jason, not long after Jason and I started dating. I think it was taken around October, 2005. We were at The Discovery Place in Charlotte, NC to visit the museum and watch an IMAX show about whales. We had an awesome day!!!

Now, I'm going to tag the following people. I chose people totally at random by closing my eyes, going to the blog list at the right, and putting my finger on a name. I chose two who had already been tagged by another blog, so I didn't put you guys down here (Genevieve and Somer). I wanted to choose you all though... I hate just choosing 4, but am sticking by the rules.

1.) Piper- a beautiful fellow Cyster (CF sister) who is amazing. She works as a lawyer in NYC, is 6 ft tall (which is just incredible given that she has CF), and despite already having been evaluated for a lung transplant, continues to work, and live life to the fullest.

2.) Amy- another beautiful Cyster!! She writes about her daily struggles with CF (those pesky things that I don't have to deal with anymore since lung transplant), her work, her social life, and just about dealing with day to day life while juggling everything that comes with this disease. She makes me laugh and is a breath of fresh air for her blog readers.

3.) Sara- yet another beautiful Cyster who is 6 months post-lung transplant, training for a marathon (yes, you read that right), has an amazing outlook on life, and will inspire you after seconds of reading her blog. What a great friend she has become!!

4.) Alicia- a beautiful, Christian, Navy wife and mom. She has 2 beautiful children, the youngest having CF. Now, I have to tell you, CF moms ALWAYS amaze me. I have always thought myself so fortunate to have CF instead of having a child with CF. Alicia will inspire you, make you laugh, and her positive, cheery attitude makes you want to keep going back for more.

Have fun girls!!

On another note: Happy Birthday to my dear friend Nicole in Virginia. I do hope I got the day right this year. She and I became friends when we were cheerleaders in high school and she turned 17 on her next birthday, so I always got the day mixed up and called her on January 17th every year instead of the 15th.. I had the number 17 in my head. Have a great day girl!!! I love you!

And another note: I'm headed to Duke now for my pulmonary transplant appointment to see Dr. P. I'll update tonight!


Aubrey said...

Wow! What an amazing woman you are! I have only read your profile but to come through all of that...
What a great picture! You daughter is beautiful! I can't wait to read more!!

Nicole said...

Thank you my friend! And yes, you got it right. Love you lots!