Thursday, March 26, 2009

Amazing or what?

Average wait time for a cadaveric lung transplant at Duke is now 3 weeks!!! Can you believe it? This, of course, is after you get moved to the top of the list. I almost fell over when I found that out today. They aren't doing anymore lobar transplants though. They actually haven't in awhile. With a fairly new medication called Rituximab that lowers anti-human antibodies in your blood (the high anti-body count is the reason I had to have relative's lobes), AND with the short wait time for a cadaveric transplant.. they really don't need to. 

Anyone waiting (or who will be waiting) on a lung transplant should read this quick article.

So, I got to see my favvvvvvv doctor today! I really don't know what I'd do without him. I started going to Duke exactly 8 years ago this month, and he has been my doctor ever since. He's such a patient advocate! I had a doc like that in Charlotte too, but I don't see him anymore except for the occasional "pop in visit" to say hi.

My pfts (pulmonary function tests) are stable. My fev1 was a little up, my fvc was a little down, but overall they were stable which is good. My doc was very pleased with everything, but he did tell me I need to exercise more. :) My labs weren't back yet, so I'll hear about those tomorrow.

Balin, our toy poodle, is acting like he's in pain tonight when I touch his side. I'll most likely be taking him to the vet in the morning. I sure hope he's ok. He's actually sleeping right now, so that's good, but he sure doesn't want me picking him up.

Jason, Casey and I might go to the hockey game in Charlotte tomorrow night. We haven't decided yet. There is also a play at a local high school that's another possibility. Casey's cousins from Pennsylvania are coming through on Saturday on their way to Florida, so she'll go to her dad's on that day to see them. Jason and I have dinner plans with friends Saturday night. Casey is off of school on Monday. I'm so glad! Is it a holiday? I have no clue!!!

For all you girly girls out there, need a Beauty Fix?

I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend!!


Kristin said...

Wow...only 3 makes me both happy and sad to read that...God's plans not mine, right?

Heidi said...

3 WEEKS! That is insane. Why just at Duke? Why not at other centers? Is Duke able to get their patients to the top of the list sooner. Maybe they don't "list" the patient until they really need it, so they automatically start at the top.

This is super puzzling to me, after waiting 2 years! It's great though.

Carrie said...

Glad to hear your appt. went well. Hope your doggy gets to feeling better too!! Have a great weekend!!!

Christy said...

Well Heidi, you know the allocation system has changed since we were transplanted. Average wait time for my blood type (A) in 2001 at Duke was 9 months. Now that the allocation system has changed and they move you to the top according to how critical you are instead of wait time now, it is definitely less waiting time for those at the top. This is good of course!

Yeah Kristin.. God's plan. :)

Christy said...

Thanks Carrie. His tummy is upset. Giving him Pepcid to see if that helps. Vet wants us to come back if he isn't eating or isn't passing his food, or of course if he starts vomiting. He's still in pain poor thing, but it's more likely gas she said.

*Tracy* said...

glad your appt when well! i hope you have a wonderful weekend! hugs

Alicia said...

Wow-fascinating information. So is the lobar transplant getting less and less?

Somer Love said...

WOW... Less than 3 weeks that is amazing!!