Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Yummy Italian

I just got home from meeting Jason at this wonderful Italian Restaurant called Pelligrino's that Jason and I love! Having been to Italy, we are very picky about our Italian food. Most "Americanized" Italian just doesn't cut it for us. It usually has heavy sauces and not a lot of fresh ingredients. Pelligrino's, however, is very authentic.

I was only able to enjoy about 10 bites before the nausea set in, but I did bring my wonderful "California Pasta" home to enjoy on a not-so-nauseous-day.


Heidi said...

CUTE PICS! Ok, what is the deal with the nausea? What does the doc say? Hope it goes away SOON

Carrie said...

Geez that food looks delicious! Sorry you are's the yuckiest way to feel. I was like that 24/7 for four months when I was pregnant with fun!! Hope it goes away soon.

Aspiemom said...

It looks yummy! My MIL came from Italy when she was a "young lady" and was a great authentic Italian cook. Mmmmm!

When I was reading your post and I read "luckily I brought" I thought you were going to say "barf bag". That would have been just lovely! I like what you said better! lol

Carrie said...

Mmmmmm... Hello lover.

Come to mama...

Dang PMS!!!

brad said...

Hi Christy
Sorry you could'nt finish your meal.

We have a Pelligrino's here in the
Burg, Great Food..

I am pretty picky about Italian food
as well, given the fact My Father was Italian and cooked all the time..

I hope tomorrow is a better day for You...