Saturday, March 7, 2009

Playing around with Photoshop

Below are the original picture (well, after I boosted the color in iPhoto) and the enhanced photo. I played around with Casey's eyes and the colors of the photo. You might have to click on the pictures to really see the difference. I'm not sure which one actually looks better. I just know that I'm learning this.. slowly but surely, and it's truly going to be addicting. I'm curious to know how many hours of training the professional photo retouchers have!?!?! Between learning this program and my photography class, you see where my time is going to be spent in the coming weeks (or months).



Ok hmmm.. so I just published my post and looked at the pictures!!! I have always known that blogger doesn't show the quality of your pictures, but this is just ridiculous. In the second picture (in my picture program at least) the red in her jacket is SO bright, her skin looks better, and her eyes really pop.... a lot more than it's doing here. I really wonder just how good other people's pictures look on their photo program as opposed to on Blogger.. Anywhoooooo.... maybe I'll get my hubby to build me a separate photography website one day. :)


Genevieve said...

Blogger sucks at showing the true color in ur me, I know!
It makes me so mad...

she's so beautiful.

Layne said...

The photo looks great! You should check out I heart faces (if you haven't already. I saw it on one of your Cyster's blogs) and enter Casey's photo.

You asked me a while ago if I wanted to take a class with you. I can't remember if I responded but I don't have the edition of PS I'd need for the class. Boo :(

Carrie said...

It looks great!!! I love how her eyes turned out!

Not sure if you know, but Pioneer Woman has some amazing free actions to use with your Photoshop. I love them and play with them all the time!

Amy said...

Her eyes definitely pop!!!


*Tracy* said...

i can see a slight difference in the eyes! i hope you have a great weekend. hugs

Christy said...

Genevieve, I guess you would know as well as anyone about blogger sucking the life out of our photos. :) Your pics are always so colorful, so I just bet they are a lot more stunning when they aren't uploaded to your blog.

Layne, I definitely have iHeartFaces bookmarked. That's actually where I got the idea for Casey to wear that hood on her jacket for the snow pics. Did you see the photo that the readers edited of her little girl wearing the hood? They were so great!! My instructor teaches PS classes on all versions if you are interested. Just let me know. Anyone, anywhere can take the classes. I think she's actually located in NY, while I'm in NC. There was someone last class from New Zealand I think.

Thanks Carrie for the advice. I think I have Pioneer Woman bookmarked, but haven't been there in a long time. I'll check it out. These are the actions I was looking to possibly purchase, but man.. free sounds much better. I found these actions while googling photoshop tutorials and then I found this photography website, which has recently become my favorite, and she uses these actions that I found. She photoshops all of her wedding and engagement photos, and they are phenomenal!!!! I would love to start out with engagement if I can ever get the lens I want. :)

Thanks so much Amy. I am loving the book you sent. Even though some of the things on CS4 are different (they just make them easier that's all), the basics are the same, and I'm learning a lot.

Heidi said...

The photos look great, but I have to admit...when I was looking at the difference I was thinking...hmmm...ok! LOL! I am so happy you are having fun with the program.

Thanks for the comment on my "happiness" post. I appreciate it. I also have to admit, I was getting worried about you and was about to EMAIL you! I think it's so nice of everyone to comment. I also think that it's hard for those who haven't "walked a mile in our shoes" (like the commenter right after you said...I loved that she said that because it's so true) you don't really understand. Everyone was so nice though, giving advice.

I also liked what you said about distancing yourself from those who are "normal" and complain about normal petty things and just don't get it. It's hard to say that, but it's true for me too. Maybe that is why I isolate myself, because it infuriates me so much!

I hope you feel better soon.

Jessie said...

She is so Beautiful

Kyon said...

photo great as professional.