Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Park pics and... Oh yeah, Twilight

Ok, soooo I finally watched Twilight tonight. I have very mixed feelings about this movie. Having read the book first, like most, I found the movie to be a little disappointing. I was not looking forward to Kristen Stewart in the role of Bella, but she did a much better job than I thought she would. She still wouldn't be my first choice though.

Now, let's discuss Edward, who as all of you Twilight fans know, is supposed to be hunky gorgeous and irresistible. I'll agree that Robert Pattinson does have quite the charm, but (and this is a big but...LOL), he is one horrible actor. I put him on the same level as Ben Affleck, who in my opinion, is one of the worst actors in Hollywood. I did like all of the other actors in the movie. The girl who played Rosalie wouldn't be my first pick looks-wise, but she's a really good actress and seems to play the part well. Seriously though, what's up with Victoria's hair? It's supposed to be fire-red, isn't it? It was very muted in the movie.

Now, on to my absolute favorite thing about the movie... the cinematography! It blew me away! There were parts of the movie where I couldn't even pay attention to what the actors were saying, because of the brilliant shots. All I can say is WOW!

Ok, enough about Twilight, but if you haven't read the book yet, I really encourage you to do so.

We had my parents over for dinner last night. It was a great time. Today, Casey and I took some pics at the park. I hope you enjoy!!

This is one of Casey's nature shots. I keep telling her to add these to her blog. She has taken some really good ones over the past couple of months...


OceanDesert said...

I haven't read or seen Twilight, and probably won't... just not my genre really... BUT

I LOVED the pics!!

Casey looks more and more like you with every pic I see I think! :)

Laryssa said...

Oh, that child loves having her picture taken, doesn't she? You really should look into modeling for her ... if only for fun; she's so good at it.

I felt pretty much the same about the Twilight movie as you did. I didn't like Rob P for the part of Edward and I thought Rosalie should have been prettier. But, if you put the book aside and watch the movie as a "stand alone", it really was a good movie. And, yes, the shots were done fantastically!

Christy said...

Actually Laryssa, Casey would much rather TAKE the pictures than get hers taken. She's indulging me because of my photography class. :) Believe me, there is a lot of eye-rolling each time I say, "Let's go take pictures." But... when the camera gets in her hand, it's a different story. She's going to be quite the photographer I think. She loves nature shots.

Hope said...

You and Casey are both beautiful! Great pics!!

I love the Twilight series and I agree about the movie. It left too much out. I also agree that Rosalie wasn't pretty enough in the movie. But I liked the movie for what it is.

Have a great day!

CFlover said...

Beautiful like always!!!

Thank you times a million for that last comment until your comment M had always been anit transplant then he read about your arthritis going aways which led to him reading you story which changed his mind about transplant if/when its needed!!!

So heres your wings and halo from me!!!

Anonymous said...

You both look amazing!!! Great pictures..thank you for calling it wsa so great to hear your voice. I am so lucky to have you in my life!!! LU

Aimee said...

Okay I totally agree with you on everything you had to say about Twilight. Plus Edward was just SO much hotter in my head! haha

I love the pictures! Hope you are doing well =]

Carrie said...

ZOWEEEEEE! Those are two gorgeous gals FO SHO!

I am NOT a Twilight fan. I had to force myself to finish book #1 and won't be continuing with the series. I like a little romance sprinkled on my mystery. It's a condiment to me--not the main course! " )

Belle's Blog said...

The pics are lovely! I agree with you about the books. Strays a bit far from the books . Still a good watch. Have a great night!