Friday, March 27, 2009


So I get my disability check yesterday and it's $500 less than it usually is. I called them this morning, and they took out 5 months of premium payments for Medicare part B (the doctor's visits part, not the hospital part which is free). NOW.. I have never even seen them pay anything on my hospital part in the 8 years that I've had it, because my insurance has always been so good. I have had part B since November (because of my kidney transplant), and they haven't paid a cent on any of my medical bills since then either. Now granted, most of the bills have been paid by my insurance, but everything that my insurance doesn't pay is still subject to review by Medicare before they pay anything. Sooooo... when I was talking to the guy this morning, I said "Let me get this straight. I am paying you almost $100 a month in premiums, but yet you haven't paid anything on any of my claims yet?" He said "Yes that's right, but since you've met your deductible, we might pay now, depending on what's submitted and if anything is allowable." What the heck???????????????

My premiums for the year would be almost $1200. There is NO WAY they would pay that much in claims for me, since I have a primary insurance.

I remember them calling saying I had Medicare part B now, but no one ever told me I had to pay a premium. Since A has always been free, I had no idea. My stupidity I guess, but I just remember them almost congratulating me now that I qualify for part B!!

I disenrolled! I was furious. I don't get that $500 back, and they are going to take out April's premium too, since it won't go into affect until May. I am NOT saying nice things about our Federal government right now!!!

Sorry for the rant, but I'm really, really mad at the moment!


CFlover said...

Holy cow!!
Disability people make me so mad!!
M is up for a review and they need ANOTHER copy ( making 6 now ) of his birth certificate..well since his mom passed in november and she had they bc in her safe we now cant find it..long story short we got to apply for a new 1 M was adopted so they wont give him 1 for AL and said he has to go to Cleveland OH ans apply for 1 AHHHH!! Just look on your flippin computer we already gave you 6 copies!!!! Grr

OceanDesert said...

Rant away! I am dealing with ins. issues right now too and it is SO time consuming and I always feel like nothing is common sense on their end... just process, process, process. ugh.

Is your pup feeling better? I hope so!

Aspiemom said...

I'll say it again: It is bad enough what we go through physically, we shouldn't have to go through ins. problems, too!

It's all a scam, Christy! Rant away as we understand!

Heidi said...

Oh girl don't get me started. This happened to me too. I added the medicare (paid part) when Matt had started a new job but didn't get coverage for a few months..yada, yada...

so, when I realized it wasn't doing JACK for me, I wanted to disenroll. I got the paperwork and sent it in...nothing.

I sent the paperwork again, registered mail, made copies this time.

After tons of calls, 6 months, and me finally CRYING and showing proof of when I had originally tried to disenroll...I was disenrolled and got retro-pay back. But, it was NOT easy. It was the most stressful thing...Social Security is so hard to deal with.

I feel for ya.

Alicia said...

That's a lot of money! I'd be mad too!

Somer Love said...


I have both A & B as my secondary but I haven't been in the joint since i have been eligible for these I hope they don't do this to me...

I swear Insurance issues are the worst!!!! Life would be so much easier without this hassle