Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Is this true?

During the presidential elections, I was a Bob Barr supporter. I consider myself a Libertarian.

This article has me a little concerned.

Is our freedom being taken away faster than we know it? I thought America was about being who you want to be and having your own opinion, even if it's different than the mainstream.


Tina said...

Wow, what the hell? I found that article very disturbing. I'm with you Christy this is crazy.

Oh wanted to comment on your other posts since I have been negligent. Twilight...glad to hear your opinion. I too read the book at my dgtrs urging and loved it. She was disappointed in the movie as well, but like you raved about the "special effects" etc.

Park pictures: How many times can I tell you that you two are absolutely gorgeous. You know what? It's not just that you both happen to have beautiful parts to make up a beautiful face, you both radiate! Your hearts are shown on your faces. I'm pretty certain that extra spark you have is God shining through.

Oh and yes Casey should totally be posting her nature shots, I love that one. Maybe we can make a trade, i'll make her a to die for necklace in blue seaglass and she gives me one of her gorgeous pictures!

Kidney biopsy: Whew. So glad to hear it was toxicity, boy that sounds strange but you know what I mean.

Hearing loss: You amaze me and hey by the way my dgtr and I are known for our loud clear voices. My Sara is great on-stage because of it.

Jason: I hope he continues on his road to health. I know as a spouse of a CF'er I ignore my own body. So tell him to drink up he's no good to anybody shriveled up and dehydrated!

P.S. Sara says I have that dumb look too, it's only I don't "get" what she's talking about!

Tina said...

P.S. Thanks for being such a supportive friend. Your comments never fail to give me a boost

Carrie said...

Every day, there's a new story out there about how our freedoms are being taken away bit by bit.

I have a hard time even reading the news anymore, but I still force myself to keep up with several political blogs, as well as some main-stream media (mostly to see what kind of vile garbage they are putting out there and calling it "news").

Geithner thinks a global currency is a "possibility" and the GIVE act (which MANDATES civil service for young people) just passed both the House and Senate. Card check (which literally destroys anonymous balloting for Unionization) is gathering support. There's talk of lowering the tax breaks received for charitable donations... I could go on and on!!

I don't know what to say, other than there are many reasons why I didn't vote for Obama or any other democrats. The trend was set long before the election, but the people who went out and voted either didn't care or didn't know. I'm guessing the latter.

I've always considered myself a Republican, but I'm really more on the Libertarian side of things (extremely limited government).

Okay, I'll stop babbling now. All I can do is get more involved and do some heavy-duty praying...