Saturday, March 22, 2008

Day 3 in Club Med

I was finally moved to 7800 last night. I was so excited... it's almost like coming home. I've known a lot of these nurses for years on this floor, and some of the patients too. I've spent Christmas here, and now I'll be spending Easter. Some of them are like family, and it's good to see them after being gone for a year now... Yes.. it's been a year since my last hospitalization!

I am still waiting to hear back from cultures as to whether or not I'll be starting IV antibiotics. It's a long story.. I won't go into it here. I'll explain in more details on my caringbridge site

Last night as I was being wheeled down to 7800, I ran into a very familiar face!!! A lot of you have been keeping up with Tricia and Nate's blog. Well, Nate was coming down the hall, and I was like "Wow, Nate!" I explained who I was and he and I chatted a bit. Today, he and my husband Jason went out to lunch and now they are at church. I was able to go visit with Tricia some today. She is so beautiful.. inside and out.. what a sweet, sweet spirit that woman has. I can't say enough good things about these two wonderful people. If you haven't checked their blog out yet click here

Tonight Tricia and Nate are hosting a talent show for the nurses. It should be interesting!! I hear there are quite a few ODD talents. I am sure Nate will be posting pics!!! I wish we had brought our video camera!!


MilePost13 said...

So great to meet you guys, and to find your blog. It's great to have another CFHusband to hang with. Feel free to swing by anytime.


Debbie said...

I found you via Nate's blog. I am thankful you made it to the floor that you are comfortable with and who knows how to deal with your cf. I had a son who was in and out of the hospital at age 3 and again at age 7-9. I remember who stressful it was when you weren't on your floor with your nurses or even when we had to switch to a new doctor. I pray you have a good Easter. How nice for your husband to have Nate to go to church with.