Sunday, March 23, 2008

What does Easter mean to you?

Do you think about bunnies and eggs? How about peeps and baskets? I guess in a way, we all do to some extent, but I don't have to be reminded what Easter really means.

To me, it means knowing that my faith isn't just a waste of time, that I am justified by what Jesus did for us on that cross, and most importantly, it means that because of the suffering that Jesus went through and because of his resurrection, I will have eternal life.

What a celebration we should all have everyday just thinking about this! WOW! 

I'm not with my family, except for Jason, because I am 2 hours away at Duke. I can't go to church in the morning because, well, I'm in the hospital... But, other than not having Casey here with us, these things don't really matter right now. Jason and I will celebrate here in our room.. giving thanks to God for giving us his only Son to suffer death on the cross and for his resurrection so that we can have eternal life!

I enjoyed reading the following Easter devotion.. I hope you will too. Just click here.


Anonymous said...

hey love.....thank you for that awesome post about Jesus and the true meaning of Easter! you rock...and hey you look awesome even though you are in club i am now in ponte vedra outside of jacksonville fl, at my aunt's house. jay will be here on tues...i miss him like crazy! ok well take care. i am praying for you! hey and if you can pass the word onto trica and her husband that gwenyth is absolutely beautiful:) ok ttys

He loves you most said...

Hi, I just found your blog through Nate's. Just wanted to tell you, your family will be in my prayers.
Anna from Indiana