Thursday, March 20, 2008

Gimme 7800

Oh how I hate going to a floor that I'm not familiar with. I was admitted to the hospital today and am on a medical floor instead of my regular pulmonary floor! The hospital is full.. they say I'm lucky I got a room at all. No one on this floor knows anything about CF or transplant. I can't start my IV antibiotics until I go to my regular floor b/c I have to be desensitized to them. (Since I'm allergic to all antibiotics, I am given a tiny dose of the medicine, increasing it by small increments over a 5 hour period.. until my body accepts it). Only nurses who have been trained can do this. My nurse on the medical floor has never even heard of desensitization. So anyway...

I was down in the lobby waiting to be admitted, and there was this patient's wife playing the grand piano they have in the Duke lobby. She was playing some beautiful hymns. It was nice to hear while I waited those 2 hours for a room. Her sweet husband started clapping after she finished.. then we all joined in. He was very sick.. you could tell.. I hope he got a room quickly.

When I got up to my room my bed has this contraption to help people sit up in bed and lift themselves up. It's hanging right down in my face. I have asked to have this removed from my bed, but so far, they haven't. 

Hopefully when I post tomorrow.. I'll be on 7800! :)

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