Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Blogless lately!

I have been exhausted these past few days and haven't been blogging much. I'll be back to my old self soon though. I seem to be sleeping my life away at the moment. My surgery won't be on November 7th. The transplant coordinator called today and said they can't get a donor surgeon lined up for my mom that day. We are now looking at the 21st of November. She is going to let me know for sure (hopefully) tomorrow. She said they can do it on Monday, October 27th, but I'm just not going to be ready that early. I need to be on IV antibiotics at least 3 weeks before surgery to ensure that my sinuses are "tuned up" for transplant. Having the surgery on the 27th just won't give me enough time.

Please keep Tricia in your prayers. She is in the hospital battling pneumonia at the moment, and will find out in the next few days if the chemotherapy she's been taking is treating her lymphoma or not. She needs all the prayers you can give her now!!


Debbie said...

Yes, Tricia needs all our prayers but so do you. Hope you have more energy soon. Thanks for the update.

Anonymous said...

hey girl! i ended up in NC for 2days. Zann flew me there for her b-day. i didn't have time to see everyone not even my fam:( but i called Duke to see if you happened to be inpatient, thankfully no, but that would of been my only chance to see u. i am so sorry there just wasn't any time. i am thinking if you would like company after tx i would love to fly into charlotte. let me know! love u, feel better!