Sunday, October 26, 2008

My new hair cut and color!!!

Yes, I went bold today and got a new hairstyle. Once again, I got really tired of blonde, and decided to do something different... PLUS it was getting way too long, and since my hair is thin, it gets "scraggly" when it gets long. I hope you guys like it!!!!

Are you shocked I went this short and dark????

Well, don't be, because it's my daughter's halloween wig...haha! I just thought I'd have a little fun with all of my readers. It was actually Casey's idea to do this.. I know.. I look hideous. LOL!!!


Marjolein said...

My first thought was a wig haha!

What I saw that picture I thought that it just wasn't you. It just looked so strange.

Hope you are well


Genevieve said...

My first thought was that it made you look MUCH older. Don't do the future, look so beautiful blonde! :)

Christy said...

LOL. I DO look old in that picture. I have made many hair mistakes in the past. This is one I definitely won't be making though..haha.

Lisa J. said...

Oh my girl you scared me!!! It didn't look at you!! I thought it looked like a wig!! Glad you were joking.