Friday, October 17, 2008

The next few weeks

Things look like they are rolling now....

My mom and I will go in on October 27 for our pre-op appointment. They will be doing the final crossmatch that day to make sure that I am still compatible to my mom. Prior to my lung transplant, I was crossmatched with my uncle and found that it was a negative crossmatch (which means we were compatible), I then received several blood transfusions. They redid the crossmatch, and it was a positive crossmatch. I had to wait several months for it to once again become a negative crossmatch in order to receive part of his lung. My mom's crossmatch wasn't done until after all of that and it was negative, so I was able to then receive lobes from each of them.

Two months ago when they did the crossmatch with my mom, it was negative (again that's good). I haven't received any blood transfusions, so they are expecting it to still be negative, BUT because of my high antibody level (likelihood that you will reject donor organs and the reason I couldn't receive cadaver lungs or kidney.. only relative's organs), they want to make doubly sure that nothing has changed over the past 2 months. They did say if the result were for some reason positive, the transplant would be cancelled. Again, we aren't expecting that!

After our pre-op appointments on the 27th, I will be admitted to start IV antibiotics. I will probably be in the hospital several days. I will then come home and do home IV's until time for transplant. My lung transplant pulmonologist and my infectious disease doc both think that I need to be on IV's 2 weeks prior to the kidney transplant and 1 week afterward to ensure that the Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, an opportunistic infection in almost all CFers, is under control. Because of CF, it will never completely go away, but they are hoping to keep it isolated to my sinuses and keep it from entering the blood stream or other organ.

On a different note, it's almost Halloween time, and it's almost Casey's birthday (Nov. 6). Last year, we had her birthday party/halloween party combined. It was really a 70's costume party. It was a lot of fun. Casey was a go go dancer. Very cute.. I can't find the pics. I think I packed them away. That's when our digital camera was on the blink. Anyway, this year she is having her Halloween party/birthday party at her dad's house. She is going to dress up as Alice from the book Twilight. We have bought her a short, spiky, dark wig and a beautiful black dress. Now, all we have to do is find the cullen family crest choker. All of you twilight fans should know what I'm talking about. I found one on ebay, but it was $40.00. I'm thinking we can just make it ourselves.

Jason has to work this weekend, so I will be packing up Casey's room. We are moving her furniture out (bunk beds and dresser), and putting in a queen size bed and dresser to match. I also have to clean out her desk and clean off her shelves, which believe me... is a job in itself. Jason is off tonight, so I might get him to take me out to dinner and a movie. We'll see how I'm feeling by 6 or 7.

Here is a pic of Casey and my niece Caroline at Halloween 2 years ago. Casey got that mask when we were in Venice and found the perfect dress to match. They are so cute....

This is who Casey will be this Halloween!! She's a "nice" vampire from the book/movie Twilight. Her two best friends will be dressed up as Rosalie and Bella. I will be sure to get pictures for all you Twilight fans. :)

Thank you for all of your prayers!!!!!


Heidi said...

OHHHH COOL COSTUME IDEA! Oh sorry, I was yelling! LOL! I loved the Twilight series. I can't wait for the movie. I will be keeping you in my thoughts through the next few weeks while you're preparing for your next tx. Will your hubby post after you get out of surgery, and while you are recovering?

Christy said...

Thanks Heidi.. Yes, Jason or Casey will be updating throughout my surgery and the days afterward.
And the Twilight series/movie is definitely worth yelling over..hehe.

Anonymous said...

so glad we talked the other day! have a great weekend and i will talk to you soon. oh fyi jay still says no to a our anniversary is coming up and i think i am not gonna get my way: on this one:) oh this is random but i am going as a disco gal for halloween this year..ok ttys love u