Tuesday, October 28, 2008


They are getting ready to start my desensitization. It will take about 5 hours. They start infusing a bag of saline with a tiny amount of antibiotic in it. They change bags every 15 minutes and increase the amount of antibiotic in each bag, until you are getting a full dose after about 5 hours. Sometimes I have minor reactions during that time, but I have never had any major reaction. I should be discharged tomorrow if everything goes well with the desensitization.

I just had a wonderful surprise visit from Nate, Tricia and baby Gwyneth. It was so good seeing them. Tricia is getting her biopsy done tomorrow to determine the next course of treatment for her lymphoma. She looked absolutely gorgeous!!!!!! Gwyneth is so active, and I could really see a lot of Tricia in her. Please keep Tricia in your prayers.

My new blog design should be coming by the end of the week. *Yay* I'm so glad to get rid of this boring one.


Heidi said...

Hey there! Hopefully your desensitization (did I even spell that long word right?!) goes well. You are in my thoughts.

Shea said...

I hope everything goes well!