Friday, October 3, 2008

Water anyone?

Both of these are made by Glaceau, and are my favorite!!!!!!! All flavors of vitamin water have specific nutrients added to them. The one shown above (Defense) is my favorite flavor. I do have to take insulin when drinking it, but it's so worth it. Smart water is purified water (which is recommended for all transplant recipients), and has electrolytes added to it. I love the taste!! Just thought I'd share!! If you haven't tried either, you might want to!! I know that some of you have commented that vitamin water isn't sweet enough, but in this world of TOO MUCH SUGAR, I think it's nice and refreshing to have something that's sweet, but not syrupy. Enjoy!!!


Amy said...

I've never had Smart Water before, but I have had vitamin water and I don't like the taste, yuck! But my roommate loves it!!!! I might have to try the smart water. I'm nt a huge water fan though I do drink it all day long, so adding flavors to it kinda weirds me out. Worth a shot though, and good to know about the tx and water thing ;)


Katey said...

Hey Christy...thanks for finding my blog and leaving a comment. Now I can follow yours. I haven't met anybody else that had a living donor transplant, so it's great to finally come in "contact" with one. I noticed you are waiting for a kidney transplant as well...I hope everything goes well for you. I look forward to keeping in touch!

Oh...and I love the Vitamin Waters for Glaceau, but only 3 flavors.