Thursday, February 12, 2009

No news yet

Well, apparently Duke is on divert status now and are actually turning people away from the ER and everywhere else. They are way over capacity. And apparently, this is one reason for the delay in reading my ultrasound. Normally, they would have the ultrasound read by now, but who knows when that's going to happen now. My assumption is that I'm going home tomorrow instead of today... that is if everything is normal on the ultrasound.

My pain is being managed pretty well. It's the stitches that are feeling "raw" and the majority of my pain is coming from that. Drinking and eating really irritates it. The bone pain is better today. I was told that your face would feel numb by the next day, and I'm assuming that's what's happened.

Jason and I just made a trip down to the cafeteria. At least gelatin doesn't seem to hurt my gums too much. I was craving a Cali roll, but didn't know how that would sit on my stomach. Maybe later. :)

I'll leave you with a pic of my sweet hubby. I'll update more as I know more.

Jason says peace through superior fire power!!


Cindy said...

Dang overcrowded hospitals! Hope you get your results soon! And that they are great!

Aspiemom said...

What's a cali roll?

Glad your pain is managing and hope you can eat better soon - you're one of those skinny CFers! (opposite of ME!)

Jen said...

Do they have sushi at the hospital?? If so that is AWESOME! The cafeteria at my hospital just has the normal cafeteria food. :( But then again I would be kind of worried about eating sushi from a hospital...I'm very picky where I will eat sushi!! Also, my tx docs told me I couldn't eat sushi post-tx which I am very upset about because I LOVE tuna!! When ever we go out to eat I will order the tuna appetizer "just in case" its my last time! :)

Hopefully you get to go home is nothing better than sleeping in your own bed!!

Christy said...

Eating cooked sushi.. ie Cali rolls is perfectly fine post-tx. Obviously no raw fish, but no tx center should be saying you can't eat cooked sushi. I have tons of tx friends who do.
A California roll is cucumber, avocado and crab rolled in rice and seaweed. It's SO delicious!! :) Octopus is good too.. and it's cooked too. (at least here in the states)