Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscar Fashion 2009

I'm curious to know what you thought about what the stars were wearing last night. Like always, I have an opinion, and I'll share it with you, but I would really like to know what all of my readers thought. If you didn't catch it on TV, you can look at the gowns here. Oh... to be able to attend the Oscars, like my friend Somer did back in 1998. I'm very envious Somer, you know that right? :)

First of all here is my pick for Best Dressed:

I absolutely love the color, the style, Natalie's hair.. well, just everything about it. I don't think she could have picked a more glamorous dress. The fact that she's so petite doesn't hurt of course, but I have seen her in some really bad dresses before. It's elegant and classy.. just like Natalie.

Here is my pick for Worst Dressed:

What in the world was Beyonce thinking? For such a gorgeous woman, she sure can be a nightmare on the red carpet sometimes. It looks like she ran out of money like poor Scarlett O'Hara and tore her draperies down to make a dress. Why would she do this?

There were a lot of red dresses, and a lot of off the shoulder dresses last night. There was also a lot of elegance and glamour. I won't post anymore pictures, but you can go to the link above to see all of these people if you don't remember their dresses.

Here are my thoughts on what others were wearing:

Angelina Jolie- simple, glamorous. I loved her hair, her understated jewelry, the lines of her dress. I do wish she would wear a bit more color sometimes though. I loved the green earrings with this. It needed no flashy diamonds.

Kate Winslett- the dress she wore was something a grandmother would wear. It was just ok to me. I think knowing she was most likely going to win last night, she should have worn something a little less matronly. The colors were blah and it didn't show off her gorgeous figure like some other gowns have. I just really don't have anything good to say about it.

Penelope Cruz- I really liked this dress. It is something you could wear to your wedding, or on the red carpet. I'm usually not fond of wearing cream on the red carpet, but she pulled it off with her skin color and hair color. It fit her nicely, and was just a classy gown overall.

Jennifer Aniston- I loved the dress, but the rest of her was just a hot mess. Her hair looked unbrushed, and what was she trying to accomplish with the braid? Since her date looks 12, maybe she was trying to look 12 too??? I'm not sure, but from the shoulders up.. I was not impressed.

Anne Hathaway- Again, the color is not something I usually favor on the red carpet, but she pulled it off. It was simple, elegant, and very flattering to her (very) small frame.

Amy Adams- First of all, I don't like her in red. This dress though wasn't as bad as some critics are making it out to be. It's not something I would choose to stroll down the red carpet in, but it's a pretty dress. I like that she chose a big, chunky necklace to accessorize with. Not many other celebs went with that look last night.

Nicole Kidman- She doesn't need to be wearing cream. I didn't like the feathers on her dress. Just not a good look for her. My personal opinion is that NO dress should have feathers on it (I'm referring to past dresses from Jessica Alba, Penelope Cruz, Venessa Williams, and many more I just can't think of right now). Nicole could have done much better.

Sarah Jessica Parker- Her hair was a mess, her face is always a mess, but I did like her dress last night. Casey didn't like it at all, but we differ on a lot of things anyway. I'm all for the "princessy" look, and Casey isn't. The color wasn't that great, but I did like the way the dress cinched at the waist. It was flattering to her figure I thought. It was "old Hollywood", and I thought she pulled it off. If only she could have done something different with her hair.

Jessica Biel- She has already gotten a lot of criticism for wearing this. I don't like the color that much, but I did like the design. I disagree with a lot of the critics on this. It's not my favorite look, but it was elegant. Her hair needed to be up, but then again, I think from the neck up, she's usually a mess anyway.

Halle Berry- She's gorgeous in anything she wears, but this wouldn't have been my first pick for her. Black and gold aren't my favorite colors in a dress. This dress kind of reminds me of Christmas wrap. The lines are just ok. She could have worn something more flattering to her gorgeous figure.

Heidi Klum- Two words.... Hot Mess! I have nothing else to say.

Freida Pinto- perfect color for her skin, beautiful, elegant dress. I don't think she could have picked a more perfect dress. I love the design, the way it fit her.. well, just everything about it.

Taraji P. Henson- Here we go again with the cream dresses. If this dress would have been in a different color, I would have loved it. It had just enough detail, without going overboard. It fit her nicely.

Marisa Tomei- Even though this dress was cream, I really loved it. She has been looking terrible on the red carpet lately, but last night she was stunning. The detail of the dress was different than any other dress last night. The "folds" on her dress really accentuates her gorgeous figure. I would probably say this was my second favorite dress of the night.

Miley Cyrus- Well, Jason, Casey and I disagree on this one. They think she looked like a fish with scales, and I actually liked the dress. I like the two-toned look and belted look. She wears a ball gown well!

Alicia Keys- WOW.. just stunning all around. No embellishments, but none were needed really. The color suits her well. I really liked the lines of the dress. Nothing bad I can say about it.

Evan Rachel Wood- This was not a good color for her. I really don't like the top of the dress at all. She just didn't pull this off. If it were on someone with a darker skin tone, maybe I would like it, but not with her pale skin. And her hair color is always terribly "CVS bottle" looking.

Vanessa Hudgens- Even though some sites are saying she was the best dressed, I disagree. I think she looks like a mermaid, and the flowers on the front of the dress are just too much. Her hair and makeup were perfect though.

Tina Fey- There is nothing about this dress that I like. She needed some color, and the style of the dress is not flattering to anyone.

Reese Witherspoon- Although she is my favorite actress, I was so disappointed in what she wore last night. I don't think it flattered her small frame at all, and it just looked "thrown together" to me. I did like her simple hairstyle though.

I would love to hear your opinions!! Who do you think was best dressed? Worst dressed? Did you enjoy the Oscars last night? It has become so predictable, but I did have fun watching Hugh Jackman host. What a cutie he is!!


Tooter's Mommy (Courtney) said...

I think Amy Adams is pregnant. Her last couple of dresses have looked like they were "cover-up" stratgeies. She's also recently engaged.

Aspiemom said...

I didn't look through ALL of the pictures, but saw most of them. I agree that Natalie's was the best. She looked fantastic. The description said the dress was lavendar or lilac but it looks pink????

I liked Jennifer Aniston's dress 2nd, but she should have done something glamorous with her hair. What a mess!

OceanDesert said...

Natalie looked FANTASTIC! She has such a long, elegant neck.. love it!

I agree, Angelina should wear more color.. there's plenty of time to wear all those dark colors when you're old!

I think I'm neutral on Winslet's dress.. maybe she wanted something more reserved for the "Oscars?"

Did u know that Cruz's dress is a vintage 60 yr old piece???? Looked great!

Aniston is one of my faves, but I think Aniston was sticking to her California, beach style as always, which I love, but I agree, on the night where you're gonna be standing in front of your ex and his new love, I would want to look FABULOUS.. not just my "usual"

Hathaway's dress looked like an art piece.. beautiful!

And I TOTALLY agree on Reese!! She usually looks PERFECT, but this dress did nothing for her.. oh well.. I guess she can't be perfect all the time :)

Great review!!! That was fun!

OceanDesert said...

oh, and I LOVED Hugh Jackman last night... he was SO charming and handsome... and talented!!.. great host.. I hope he does it again next year.

Cara said...

Ohhhh, Beyonce is gonna get you! Her momma made that dress! ;)

My favorite was Freida Pinto. Everything about that dress was just perfect for her.

Did you know that Angelina's earrings were 115 carat emeralds?! 115 carats!! CRAZY!

Christy said...

Thanks so much for your responses guys. I have always loved fashion! You wouldn't know it the way I dress sometimes, but I do love watching all awards shows to see what everyone is wearing.

WOW.. 115 carat emeralds.. that's insane!

Christy said...

Ooops Cara, I didn't know Beyonce's mom made the dress. Sorry Beyonce, but it's still ugly. :)

Laryssa said...

Oh.My.God! I agree about Beyonce's dress. What was she thinking? And what the heck were Sarah Jessica Parker and Miley Cyrus wearing? I hope they didn't spend too much on their dresses! Bleh! I liked the way Tina Fey looked in her dress. And I like that Angelina Jolie doesn't overdue the makeup. She actually does her makeup that way on purpose.

But I think Hugh Jackman looked the best! Dreamy!! :)

Somer Love said...

I agree with you Beyonce are ya kidding me step out of the box and go with somebody other then your mother!

It looks like her mom used some old drapes... As per Perez :)

Loved your review... You should send it to US :)

Tooter's Mommy (Courtney) said...

I thought Miley looks like she was wearing a flocked Christmas tree!!

I knew Angelina's earrings were huge, but 115 carats!! That's insanity.

Overall, I was underwhelmed by the fashion. Just a few hits and many, many misses! Hugh Jackman is unbelievably gorgeous. My mom met him in NYC. She has pictures framed of her hugging him framed in her office.

Carrie said...

I don't watch the Oscars because inevitably some out of touch movie star billionaire stands up and make a political speech that pisses me off. And from what I hear, Sean Penn wouldn't have disappointed me.

But I always go look at the dresses the next day. I think the most stunning dress of the night belonged to Virginia Madsen. It was red and very architechtural. Interesting without being overdone.

Beyonce? BLECH What the HADES was she thinking? She was my pick for worst dressed. I'm still gagging a little bit about the nasty plastic thing she called a dress!

Sarah Jessica looked like if she turned her head her boob was going to pop out. YIKES!

Live.Love.Eat said...

I missed the Oscars, must have been the only person to. I should've taped it but didn't. Oh well. I did see a clip of Jennifer Aniston and totally agree with you.

Thanks for stopping by and saying hello!!! I caught up a bit on your blog and you have been through quite a lot. I hope things stay well for you!!!!!