Friday, February 13, 2009

To do's and To don'ts

To do:

Catch up on my photography class. I'm really behind.

Catch up on emails and blogs.

Do something really special with Jason and Casey tomorrow for

Irrigate even though it's painful.

Get in a better mood. Maybe it's lack of sleep, but I've been horribly moody today.

Wash my hair. Yes, I have to put this in a to do list. Gross, huh?

Do some online shopping. I have to give in and go up a size in clothes.

To don't:

Pick at my stitches with my tongue.

Blow my nose anymore, because it comes out the incisions in my mouth.

Drink anymore coffee today. I'm going to pay for it if I do.

Waste too much time on Twitter. It really is addicting.

Eat anymore chocolate for awhile.

Bite my fingernails. I have GOT to stop this nasty habit.


Carrie said...

Washing the hair may help the If I find myself grouchy or moody and haven't had a bath that is uually the culprit behind my grumpiness. I don't know why a good shampooing lifts the spirits but it does...well at least for me...or maybe I'm just weird..ha!

Aspiemom said...

Love your lists!

Belle's Blog said...

Glad ur feeling well enough to post! God bless u!

Layne said...

I am glad you are doing well.
Just wanted to say "hi" and let you know I was thinking about you.

Alicia said...

Hey I hope you get to feeling better! I went through the sinus surgery & had my tonsils & adnoids out at the same time last year. It was hard!

Heidi said...

Does it really come out of your stitches?? NICE! That is the wonderful thing that happens with these random surgeries. After my third sinus surgery, for about a year, when I flushed my nose, the corner of my eye (where the tears spill out) would like push open and I could feel air coming out. WEIRD. It also happened when I blew my nose. I haven't noticed it since then though.

Debbie said...

Going up a size in clothes is probably not a bad thing for you as you are so skinny.

Carrie said...

To don't's?? HAHAHA

That's friggen hilarious!

I wish I had to put washing my hair on a to-do list. If I don't, I look like a major greaseball. And I mean MAJOR! One of the crummy side-effects of having baby-fine hair.