Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Well it's about TIME!!!

I'm so glad that we got here on time, all red-eyed and bushy-tailed; for our surgery that was scheduled at 11:15 am. Surgery began at 4:09 pm. Meanwhile, I had me some grub. Welll, if I were an aborigine I'd be eating grubs. But then if I were an aborigine, I'd be in Australia and the sight of the hospital would bewilder and frighten me.  If I were in Australia,  I would be in a warm and sunny place in the middle of summer now.  Which is different from here.......where it's sunny.....and 71.....and the middle of ...winter?  Anyhoo, I was eating fish. Sushi. At Duke. Pretty good, too. See?
Mmmmm, it looks so delicious.  Don't you want some? You know you want some.  Mmmmmm, sushi.

Anyways, now we wait about 2 hours.

What do I do for 2 hours?  Alone?



cheah said...

you are weird....

Tina said...

Yikes Jason! Well your sushi looks great I guess, I don't know I hate sushi, but I'm sure it's "delish" as that freakishly happy Rachel Rae says.
I'm praying for Christy, she is so amazing. She never fails to inspire me to keep positive.
So here's to killing time!

Take care of her and strong arm those docs into giving her as much pain medication as she needs!

Heidi said...

you are so mean, teasing us with that sushi!

Christy said...

I'm sharing the love.