Wednesday, December 24, 2008

25 Things I am Grateful For...

1. My wonderful husband who loves me, takes care of me, babies me when I need it, gives me awesome massages, is my spiritual leader, loves my daughter like she was his own, provides for me, and nurses me back to health.

2. My daughter Casey. I am so proud of all she has become. She is compassionate beyond measure. She has such a giving spirit, works hard at school, loves God, and has such a passion for life.

3. My dog Balin. He is always here to keep me company.

4. My Mom and Dad. There are no words to describe all they have given me, and continue to give me. They are awesome.

5. My sister. She is the most loyal, trusting person I know. She is always there for me, and I know I can count on her no matter what.

6. My husband's job. So many people are without jobs this year.

7. My doctors. Wow.. God sent me to them.. no doubt.

8. My medications. Without them, I wouldn't be here.

9. The soldiers in Iraq and here at home just waiting for that call saying they are being deployed. You make me so proud.

10. My home. Even though we really want to sell our house and upgrade this year, I am so thankful that no matter what "house" we have, it will always be a "home" as long as Jason, Casey and I are in it.

11. My new kidney.

12. My 7 year old "new" lungs.

13. Cystic Fibrosis, because without it, I would never have met so many wonderful people that are now a very important part of my life.

14. Friends.

15. The fact that my hair loss is slowing down.

16. My car.

17. America. Yes, I'm proud to be an American and happy that I live in a free country.

18. Presents under the tree.

19. SmartWater.

20. My Mac. Well, it's my daughter's, but she lets me use it.

21. Chocolate. I'm so happy for chocolate. The first time in my life really.

22. My grandparents. I am so thankful they are alive and healthy. I get to see them on Saturday.

23. Every birthday.

24. My blog.

25. Jesus. Merry Christmas everyone.


Tina said...

Hey thanks for always saying just the right thing.
I love your list of 25 things.
I am going to adopt that one, we all have so many things to be grateful for.
Congrats on the kidney!!!

Enjoy your wonderful family,
Merry Merry Christmas!!!!

Layne said...

Merry CHRISTmas Christy!!!

mile191 said...

this is nice. i like your writing. thanks for being part of my support. hope all is well for you. merry christmas.

Lil' Chris' Mom said...


Alicia said...

Wow, #13 was powerful. You have such a beautiful spirit about you! Merry Christmas!

Genevieve said...

And..I'm thankful for you!

Merry Christmas darlin~

brad said...

Merry Christmas Christy....

I hope Santa is good to you,,,,