Monday, December 8, 2008

Skin care

I can already see a difference in my skin since starting the Clarins skin care line. Jason also commented on how good my skin is looking, so I know I'm not just "seeing" things. I have always had good skin, but the past year, I have noticed the affects of aging. Now, I'm trying to take better care of it. It pays to pamper your skin, and not wait until your late 30's to start doing so.

Here is what I use...

Cleansing Milk with Gentian

Toning Lotion with Iris

Beauty Flash Balm

Hydra Matte Lotion

If you order online, be sure to go to for promotional codes.


Alicia said...

Love to hear skin care recommendations! Thank you!

Genevieve said...

um..i tagged you!

Clarins is awesome stuff!

steveroni said...

Funny thing, and this is the TRUTH (see blog entry today-grin). I even said to Prayer Girl earlier today, My skin looks better than it has for YEARS--on my forehead, e.g., and NO...I don't 'use' any of those creams, etc.

Ya know what happened? I stopped worrying about what other people are thinking, and began comcentrating on what God would want me to do, in ANY given situation. I believe He DOES put us IN those circumstances....

Thanks for the beauty lesson, though
Christy, I'll take ANYTHING you wanna write--just keep it up, OK?

Belle's Blog said...

Cool.... I make a lotion potion myself... Vit. e cream... vaseline and j&j baby lotion! It's wonderful and keeps your skin safe from the wind in winter months and cracked heals or hands smooth and soft.