Monday, December 15, 2008

Maniacal Monday

It started with the alarm clock failing to go off...

That's right! It was set for 7 am, so I could get my daughter up and get her off to school. My eyes open at 9:57 am. I see the light outside and think.. did I oversleep? I look at the clock.. "Oh cr**!" I jump out of bed, run to get my daughter up, who had turned HER alarm clock off. My husband gets her to school by 10:40... just in time to count the day as tardy and not absent. The school system is so strict here, and she can only miss 5 days within a school year without having to go to summer school.

My husband decides to go do some grocery shopping on the way home from taking Casey to school...

First, you have to understand that my husband is obsessive in nature. Everything must be done right, or not at all. He takes my list... a good list that describes everything I need.. or at least everything I thought I needed. He calls me to verify... 8 times already.. and he's not even home yet. He still has one more stop to make. I'm sure I'll get another phone call. My cell phone has been ringing, because people can't reach me on the land line, because Jason keeps calling me to make sure he is getting the right thing, and to ask if I need this or that to go along with it. I made the mistake of asking him to pick up some Christmas stationery. He calls me.. goes into detail about every pack of stationery at Target. I pick one, he asks me again.. "Do you think that's ok?" "What about....???" I say.. "NOOOOO.. get the first one." "Are you sure?" "YES!!!" Some lady in the aisle interupts him.. "Hey, they have more stationery on the end cap." Jason says to me "Hey, let me go look at those. Oh.. these are nicer and cheaper." He then describes ALL of those to me. We finally settle on one.

I wanted some ground beef from the butcher, not the prepackaged stuff. Jason calls.. "There isn't anyone behind the meat counter, so I'm talking to the lady in the bakery." (Why is he talking to the lady in the bakery about meat?) Jason says "They have 98% lean pre-packaged, but it's dyed pink. Meat isn't supposed to be dyed pink." I say "Just get it if the butcher isn't in." Jason says "Oh, he's back. Let me go."

He calls several more times. So does my mom and my doctor's office and the billing department at Duke. 

My dog pees on the floor.. (thankfully the hardwoods in the foyer) when he sees a big dog out the front door. Remind me to shut the door tomorrow morning.

My coffee spills on my lap.

Monday is only beginning.


Christy said...

Jason posting here:

Some details need to get cleared up. Yes I'm obsessive, that's why they need to get cleared up.

First, the alarm clock did not fail. The person who set it, failed to set it properly. No names being mentioned.

Second, Christy is a homemaker, Jason is a hunter-gatherer. If Christy wants "Christmas Stationary", and she wants Jason to get it, then Jason's choice is going to more masculine and less pretty. Jason is doing Christy a favor by asking for specifics.

...and I was stuck talking with a MAN in the PRODUCE, not a lady in the bakery. Either way, they were MORE HELPFUL than the butcher WHO WASN'T THERE. And dyed pink? I don't know about that, but I do know that the redder and brighter your beef is in its raw state, the more chemicals they have added to it to preserve it and to make it look more appealing. Beef should be more purple in color and not so red. I've got my families health in mind, ya know?

In conclusion, and assistant manager came to me concerning the ground beef. I asked him specifically for what Christy wanted. He looked at me like I was crazy...Target doesn't hire butchers.

Piper said...

Christy, you totally just made me laugh. Which I needed b/c MY monday has also been overwhelming! Thanks for the pick-me-up, and hope your day gets better. Hey, things can only go up from here, right?

Cindy said...

Hehehe...this made me laugh. But only because it was not MY Monday morning! Hope your day gets better!


Courtney said...

Yes I agree, this made me laugh but then its also not MY monday either. Hopefully the rest of your day will be less crazy!

Vicki said...

Ahhh yes Mondays...
My alarm clock stories go something like this... it goes off at 4:45am on the day I DON'T have to get up!! lol anyway.. My Monday

The new puppy wakes me up at 5 am. Maybe I'll loan him to ya! lol
So, anyway, we are sitting there. The puppy bites the couch, then the Christmas tree and he walks into the presents!! OH NO!!!!
Then he starts playing with our other dog ~ Taylor. they start biting and being rough... Time out

I have to stop and nurse a new dog bite, scrape on my thumb!! OUCH!
Did I mention my eyes are not even open yet???
Hubby says, I need coffee. I say GREAT! make me some Plz.....
Get the kids up and off to school. Go to my class, turn in my final FINAL paper for writing!!! YAY
Wait around to speak to the principal at the kids school ~ go home... eat.... call the vet.....
Now, here I am... make sure u stop by to see pics of new puppy!
Love ya!

Aspiemom said...

What an EVENTFUL and INTERESTING day you've had, Christy!

Just love Jason's "clarifying" in your comment section- is he joking or defensive? I don't know.

Christy said...

HaHa.. he's joking.. like always!

Laryssa said...

LOL This was so funny, especially Jason's response to the post. It's almost like our husbands are brothers. I usually go shopping with Eddie because, if not, I'll get the same number of calls asking me similar questions!

Hope tomorrow starts and ends better!

Amy said...

OMG I almost wet myself!!!

Hope your day ended better than it began!!!!!


Vicki said...

Yes, Emmett from Twilight~ Chris likes Emmett from the movie!
He cracked me up telling me he thought he was funny!

Heidi said...

LOL! You guys sound like an old married couple, which reminds me of how Matt and I sound! CUTE!

Hey Christy...if you have a sec...can you give a quick thought/prayer to this family. A woman we know through the grapevine was diagnosed with cancer a few years back. She is at the end of the road, and hospice is being called and she's being sent home. I feel so bad for them. She is under 40 with 2 young kids. I knew I could count on you to say a prayer for her peaceful death. It's something at this point that isn't avoidable. It's so sad.

Heidi said...

I know. It's such a sad story. They have exhausted every single option. I feel so bad for her husband and children, not to mention her extended family. Thanks for the prayers for her.

brad said...

Hi Christy

I hope Your having a better day today.
There is Only One Monday this week , so Your safe now.

I was going post sooner but every time I read your post along with Jason's response I kept falling off my chair laughing,,, Sorry !

I just got back from the market
and had no one to call when I had questions, I almost called You ,hhahaha...

I hope You ready for Christmas.. Santa is getting ready.


I am making a meat loaf tonight, I hope I bought the correct meat : }