Thursday, December 4, 2008


Please keep my friend Genevieve in your prayers. She is in the hospital as they try to figure out what's going on with her lungs. I had the privilege of talking with her last night for the first time (I met her through the wonderful CF blogging community), and what a sweet, beautiful person she is! She can't seem to find anyone to treat her atypical CF, and she's falling through the cracks of the medical system.

If you make it over to her blog, check out her art gallery. She's a very talented artist.

My prayers are with you Genevieve. Get better soon!

UPDATE: It's 10:30 pm and Genevieve texted and said she was just admitted and the gastroenterologist is going to scope her tomorrow to see what's going on with her. She's having major reflux! They won't do a bronchoscopy on her right now, because it's caused pneumonia in the past. I am pulling for you girl!


Heidi said...

Ohhh Genevive, we're thinking about you! how frustrating! Good wishes are being sent your way

Shea said...

I just said a prayer for her. It is so frustrating finding the right doctor.

Genevieve said...

I'm home, thanks honey for everything. Off to bed, I'm exhausted!
Talk to you tomorrow :)