Saturday, December 6, 2008

I love Christmas

What a pretty site to wake up to today. Now, I just need to get presents wrapped and under the tree! I'm going to brave the crowds at the mall today. I just hope my steroid rage can withstand all the rude people that come out during the holiday season!

I hope all of you have a wonderful Saturday, and let the Christmas spirit shine through!! I'll let you know how many people I yell at today..hehe!


Anonymous said...

Sending lots of luck for a sucessful, great day of shopping!

brad said...

Very Nice Tree Christy, mines bigger, just kidding, Yours Looks
Very Nice....

Good Luck Shopping Christy.
You know it's this time of year where what would normally be embarrassing comes in handy. Yep good ol Cf gas, Those Cluttered isle's are not problem, Just work you way in bit and relax and release ,In no time at all You will have a clear path to shop.
this also works at Jewelry Counters and Taco Bell ...
No More Waiting to get to that perfect Gift or Taco Salad : }

Merry Christmas Christy

steveroni said...

Great-looking tree, wish ours was up.