Sunday, December 7, 2008

My medication list

Some of you have asked what medications I'm on, so I thought I would list my current medication regimen. This is mostly for you post-transplanters out there. The rest of you will probably find this boring. :)

For those of you with CF, who haven't had a transplant, you will be happy to know that most post-transplant CFers can stop all nebulizers shortly after transplant (It was 3 months post-lung-transplant for me). Pills are so much easier. I have only had to go on a neb once since 3 months post-transplant, and that was for an acute bout of pneumonia caused by pseudomonas. I do however have to go on IV's periodically for the pseudo in my sinuses.

I have listed my medication, the dose, what it's used for, and the CURRENT side effects I am having on it. The side effects change periodically, as do my meds...

Prograf 0.5 mg in AM 1 mg in PM; To prevent rejection; Shakiness, hair loss, risk of infection

Prednisone 25 mg in AM; For Healing, prevent rejection; Moon face, mania, hunger, irritability, risk of infection, insomnia

Cellcept 1000 mg twice a day; To prevent rejection; Nausea

Nexium 40 mg twice a day; To prevent reflux; None

Torsemide 10 or 20 mg a day; For swelling, bp; None

Aspirin 81 mg in AM; To prevent clotting; None

Amitiza 24 mcg twice a day; For Irritable bowel syndrome; None

Actigal 300 mg twice a day; For Gallstones and liver health; None

VFend 200 mg twice a day; To prevent fungal infections; Blisters on skin in sun

Zithromax 500 mg M, W, F; For chronic rejection of lungs; None

Pancrease MT10 2 to 3 with meals and 1 to 2 with snack; To help digest fats; None

Gancyclovir 500 mg twice a day; To prevent CMV; None

Bactrim DS M, W, F; To prevent pneumonia; None

Miralax 17 gm as needed; For constipation; None

Ambien 10 mg at night; For sleep; None

Novolog insulin approx. 45 units per day; For diabetes; None

Lantus insulin 8 units at night; For diabetes; None

Reglan 5 mg as needed; To aid in digestion; None

Hydrocodone 5mg/500 mg as needed; For fibromyalgia pain; Insomnia

Amaryl 4 mg twice a day; For diabetes; None

Calcium 600 mg twice a day; For bone health and osteoporosis; None

Tobramycin nasal irrigation 1 to 4 times daily; For irrigation of sinuses; None


Amy said...

Holy crap woman you take a lot of drugs!!! hehe :) I recognize some of those.

Though I am still pre-tx I didn't find it boring, rather I found it very interesting to see what I might have to look forward to some day.

Thanks for the post!! :)


Genevieve said...

Ugh, you are such a "TROOPER"!
I pray for the day you never have to take another drug, you know...I have the radical faith to believe for that.
You amaze me...

I need to ask you about the bactrum, I wonder if I should be on that daily?

My legs are hurting so much from the steroids, I could barely sleep last night. But I am breathing a lil better this afternoon! Yay!

Katey said...

I know you are probably on some of those due to your recent kidney transplant...but wow...that's so much more than I take. Of course, I don't have diabetes or any liver/kidney issues. So I guess I'm pretty thankful...although I still take more meds prior to tx and they have accumulated over the years due to chronic rejection and pneumonia!! I like knowing what other drugs post-cf transplants take. I'm always thanks for the post!

Katelyn said...

I agree, I would much rather take pills than do treatments (nebulizers), but I'm so incredibly thankful I have them. I have pseudomonas too, yuck.

Vicki said...

WOW! You are my hero! I have trouble just swallowing the 1 pill that i take every day!!
My Mom never had to worry about me becoming a drug adict. I hate swallowing pills and needles - uhmmm no thanks!
So, it's so funny that I'm starting nursing school next month!
I have only been working on this for the past 3 yrs.. taking pre and co requisites!
Anyway. I digress...
I'm so glad that you are doing much better and are able to enjoy the season!
How are Jason and Miss Cute Putie??? Are they excited about the holidays??

Layne said...

Holy. Crap. You are amazing and look amazing.

Anonymous said...

it sounds like our Dr's prescribed almost the exact same things for us...there were 3 I am not on but other than that our list are the same...too funny! I love when the pharmacist asks if I am on meds and I go through this and they look at me like I am have a good day..xoxo

Christy said...

Even our moms say we are exactly alike... apparently our docs think the same. :)