Thursday, December 4, 2008

5 lbs of fluid

I've lost 5 lbs of fluid since yesterday. That 1 diuretic I took did it! They told me that the diuretic would really work with my new kidney. I didn't believe them. I was on double the dose before transplant and it barely affected me. After I took it yesterday, I was in the bathroom every 15 minutes. WOW.. this new kidney does work... haha.

My blood pressure is 90/70 today and I'm have some dizziness, so I am not taking the diuretic today. Thankfully, they gave me the autonomy to play with the dose myself as I see fit. It's not going to be an exact science here. I am going to have to monitor my urine output, my blood pressure, and just my overall health to figure out the dose I need to be on. Getting dehydrated is not something I need right now.

I also forgot to mention that I can drive now! They released me yesterday. With the dizziness I am having today, I won't be driving today, but as long as it's gone by tomorrow, I will be picking Casey up from school tomorrow. We are going to make peppermint bark and decorate the tree tomorrow when she gets home.

I SLEPT last night! It was the first really good nights sleep in awhile. I think it's because I only had 2 hours of sleep the night before. Jason said I was practically in a coma when he got home from work. LOL.

I'll leave you with my favorite performance on the Rockefeller Christmas show last night. Beyonce performing "Ave Maria".


Alicia said...

Yay for meds and organs that work!!! I'm so happy for you.

Heidi said...

WOW! that fluid loss was fast!! Diuretics make me crazy, just like prednisone. Mainly, I just can hardly eat, because my mouth and throat are so dry. Of course, this experience was 2 weeks after transplant, so I could just be associating...

I'm SO happy you got a good nights sleep finally! Yeah for the prednisone drop.

I started the medrol pack this am. 6 pills today, then 5, 4, etc. I have to take it on top of the pred. I just hope I can sleep. The pharmacist said the side effects aren't as bad as predniosone. It's more easily tolerated I guess. We'll see! I had to do the Lantus-like (I forget the name). I hope that controls my sugars through this journey of extra steriods.

Laryssa said...

Woo hoo!! You get to drive again! It must feel great to get that independence back! We'll be getting our tree on Saturday and working on that ... if the birdies let us! Enjoy your driving tomorrow!

brad said...

Hey Gal

Sounds like your doing great..

5 pounds in one day? What diuretic
do they have you on? I still have a bit of swelling off and on in my calfs. They still have no clue why.

No stitches, good. did they itch, I ask because mine did.

I am glad to hear You and Your Mother are doing so well Christy.. You need a big red S for your shirt : }

Christy said...

LOL Brad. I am on Torsemide 20 mg. Lasix never did much for me pre-transplant, but it probably would now. I just went back on Torsemide instead because I already have several bottles of it. Both Torsemide and Lasix are in the same class of diuretics. Not sure why the Torsemide worked better pre-transplant.
I could actually see myself shrinking yesterday. It was amazing what it did, but I have to be careful with it. With my old kidneys, I probably could have ODed on the stuff and it wouldn't have made that much difference.
Are your kidneys still in good shape? I'm wondering why you aren't seeing results.

Aspiemom said...

I bet that feels soooo good! I remember when I was in the hospital on 125mg Prednisone. They'd weigh me at the same time each day and I gained 21 lbs. in 24 hrs. They thot it was a broken scale and brought another in. It wasn't broken, I'd gained 21 lbs. in 24 hrs.

I hope your dizziness passes and your bp stabilizes by tomorrow.

YEAH on the good sleep!!!!

Christy said...

125 mg?????? I would just die! I gained 30 lbs in a few days post-lung transplant b/c of pred and kidney issues. Last year I gained about 10 lbs in 2 days from IV fluids and kidney disease. It really messes with your body.
I have NEVER been on that much prednisone. It sounds like someone with Addisons. I can't imagine it. How did you even function?

Debbie said...

I had never heard of pepperment bark until tonight when Greg & I were talking. I make quite a few things but no this. He has had it and thought it was good and wanted to find a recipe. I would love it if you could let me know how you do it. Thanks. I am so glad you are doing well & feeling like you have energy & can enjoy food.

Christy said...

Hey Debbie,
I use 1 lb of white chocolate, 1 lb of milk chocolate and crushed peppermint pieces. I melt the milk chocolate and spread it on wax paper. Then I melt the white chocolate and spread it on top of the milk chocolate. Then I take the crushed peppermint pieces and spread on top of the chocolate mixture. I let it dry and harden and then break into pieces.
My husband likes semi-sweet chocolate and can't stand white chocolate, so I make a separate batch for him with just semi-sweet.
My sister-in-law gave me this recipe... it's awesome!

Aimee said...

Woot for new working organs =]

Debbie said...

Thanks for explaining your recipe. Your tree looks great. Hope you had a nice time at the mall. I started my baking & need to go cut the bars & then head to bed.