Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hair Loss and Gingerbread Houses

Weird title I know, but that's what this post is about...

First of all, I'm thankful that my Monday turned out great! And thank you for all of your comments. I hope all of you had a good Monday!! After picking Casey up from her short school day, she got her homework done, we had a nice dinner, and then we decorated a gingerbread house. It's something that Casey and I do every year. It's a tradition. I have found that they are putting less and less candy in the kits every year though. Casey crushed up some peppermint and added it to the roof, which was a nice touch. I am so glad she's not too old to do this with her mom yet. :)

Ok, about the hair loss. I'm losing my hair... again! It's a small sacrifice for a new kidney I know, but it's still not something any girl (or any guy with hair for that matter) wants to endure. About 6 months after my lung transplant, I started losing my hair. They told me it was from the Prograf, one of the anti-rejection meds I'm taking. I don't think that's what is causing my hair loss this time. First of all, I've been on Prograf for over 7 years now, so I would assume my body is used to it. So, I'm thinking the cause is either the prednisone (because of my higher dose), or the effects from the anesthesia I had. Either way, it will come back. I'm not sure how much I will wind up losing, but the last time, I lost almost all of my hair over a 6 month period. When the last of it was falling out, the hair that fell out first was being replaced, so I finally just cut it all off "Halle Berry short" (the Halle Berry before hair extensions). I didn't like it that short, but did like it when it was growing out. It's true, your hair does come back a different color and texture. So, we will see how much I lose. I'll ask the doc about it tomorrow.

Speaking of that, Mom and I will leave for Durham early in the morning for a follow-up appointment with my nephrologist. We are going to stay in Durham overnight since I have to be back Thursday morning to see the urologist to remove my stent. I'll take my laptop and update sometime tomorrow evening.

Heidi asked me to pray for Robynn who is battling cancer and was just sent home in hospice care, because they have exhausted all treatment options for her. She is a young mother with 2 children. Please visit her blog and be in prayer for her and her family. What a sad situation. I know God is in control and we must rely on Him for understanding and peace when things like this happens. It's still very hard. Thank you to all of my prayer warrior blog readers!

Our gingerbread house from a couple of years ago. This year's didn't turn out so good...

This is when my hair was growing back out. I can't find any pictures of it shorter. I do however, have a video that I'm going to post soon of me on the Charlotte news and I had really short hair in it. It did come back curlier and darker. I kind of like this style, but longer hair is easier, because you can just stick it in a ponytail. :) Look at my sweet Casey with no front teeth. All she wanted for Christmas that year was... well, you know the song.


Rick said...

Thank you Christy for you kind comment on my blog. I would LOVE a photo of your doodle when it is framed and hung in its spot. I enjoy posting those follow up kind of photos. I don't get many.

Sorry about the hair thing. The ones I lost never came back. I don't shave my head because I don't want to discourage the ones that have been loyal for so long.


Shea said...

The prednisone did causer my hubby to loose hair. I'll bet that is what is doing it. I hope it grows back fast. Us women can be pretty attached to our hair!


My opinion is that you are just a beautiful girl - no matter what length or "not" your hair may be.

AND - If you all end up eating the gingerbread houses, then it doesn't matter what it looks like it the end, it's "delish"!

BTW - Welcome to my blog as a follower. I noticed and I am so happy to have you.
Prayer Girl
(And I will pray for Robynn and for you!)

Heidi said...

Thanks for the link to Robynn's blog. I didn't lose much hair after transplant, but it got supper crazy thick/frizzy. It's way more thick now than it was before tx. Strange!

Layne said...

You are a beautiful woman. I am sure you are just as beautiful with or without hair. I know this comment won't make it suck any less... Thankfully it will come back!
Do you and Casey actually eat your gingerbread houses? D and I made one this weekend and now it sits in the microwave because I don't know where else to put it.
Much love to you.

Genevieve said...

Lurrved talking to ya tnite! Glad we are both doing better~ :)

I just told John I wanted to make a Gingerbread house this year, he's not into it- but I'm gonna make one anyway. Yours looks so cute~

Gahhh regarding the hair loss, but you still are beautiful!

Katey said...

I lost almost all of my hair after my transplant. To the point where I had to cut it SHORT SHORT because I had a few bald spots. When it grew back...it grew back extremely fast...extremely thick...and a little darker. I had very thin hair prevously and it was very very blond. It was interesting to see the change. I think this time it was caused from the Prograf. Occasionally, I will go through phases where chunks of my hair will fall out and it's not due to prograf..so who knows. I'm sure yours will grow back...and who knows what texture and color it will be :)

Belle's Blog said...

The ginger bread house looks great!!! Dont worry about the hair thing .. you look just beautiful!