Saturday, December 6, 2008

A good day

We had fun today. Yes, the mall was crowded, but I avoided long lines and didn't even yell at anyone.. yay for me. :)

I really noticed my fibromyalgia pain in my ankles while walking around the mall today. I guess the prednisone isn't helping it like I thought it was. The doc said usually pred doesn't work for fibro anyway, so I guess the relief I had for several weeks was due more to the "remission" I sometimes get, instead of anything else. I may have to break down and go on the anti-depressant for it. I don't want it to debilitate me again, like it did this past spring and summer.

I only bought one Christmas present today. I spent more on me.. I feel guilty now. Ughh! Casey bought her some cute stuff. She's quite the bargain shopper.

I got to spend some "girl time" with my friend Angela, and Casey took her friend Sydney with us.

Casey and her friend Sydney in Macado's.

Caesy LOVES to try on dresses. She is already looking for dresses for the 8th grade dance.. and it's over a year away. I told her that she would change her mind a whole lot over the next year, but she still likes to look...

I hope all of you had a great day!!


Genevieve said...

glad you got out and had some fun! Casey looks so beautiful in that red dress!

I'm on valium and ur on the antidrepressant, God help us.

Aunt Margaret said...

You go girl have fun. God Bless You and Yours.