Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bye Mom

Casey just left.  I had to send her home since she has school tomorrow.  She missed school on Monday just to be here.  Unfortunately, the Iredell county school system has a VERY strict attendance policy.  I'm busting a gut looking at this photo; she is SUCH A POSER!  She was all laughs and smiles when I took this.  Nonetheless, I hate sending her home when her mom is still in the ICU.

Speaking of which, no word yet on when they're going to move Christy.  Her dad is visiting with her at this moment, and I'm watching over her mom.

Casey and I spent some time with Christy up until 3:30, then ICU kicked us out.  She's really starting to come around now.  If we were lucky, we could get in no more than 2 lines of coherent conversation.  Because she has a such a fighting spirit, she's getting real antsy and wants to get up and move around.  Because she's still loopy, it's a challenge to get her to understand that she's got to sit still (she thinks she's at home and laid up on the couch).

As always, check back later.



kat said...

Casey that picture of you makes me wanna cry, you look so sad leaving your mom. since she is in ICU right now and duke seems to be pretty strict with the rules i think its best you go home anyways. being there can get you sick, you know better then anyone about hospital germs right? once mom comes home she is going to need you there helping her, if your sick who is gonna do that?
Jason is with her he is doing a great job. mom will be home in a few days.

brad said...

Sounds like Christy is doing well.
Those Meds are strong,. I had them with surgery, I was flying a plane shaped like a giant blue jay< in my mind.. it seems so real too.

I hope Christy's Mother is doing well also..

Get Some rest...

CowTown said...

I hope you both recover well and quickly!!! :) I'm glad to have a face with a name now.

Fellow cystic on cf2chat.

Vicki said...

Thanks (again) Jason! You are doing a superfantabulous job keeping all of us up to date!
I'm so glad that she is coming around and WANTING to get up and at em! lol
That picture of Casey is so sad! She looks so pitiful... Poor baby. I agree with Kat.. Go home, go to school and be there for Mom..
I can tell you about the germs lurking in the hospitals!! yucky!
Be a good girl, be brave!!
I'm also glad that Christy's Mom is doing well too! Good News all the way around!!! YAY!