Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mom and Dad

Gail and Jackie have left the building.  Momma got to stop in to see her little girl before heading back home.  Poor Christy isn't going to remember a thing.  

I managed to get this shot of Mom and Dad while they were waiting for a wheel chair to front door.  Now if we can just get Christy to a room.



brad said...

Thats Amazing, Christy's Mother looks like She just got out of a Movie rather than just gave Her Daughter a
Kidney.She is a strong Woman.

Christy looks Great too. Now one would guess what She just went through if they weren't told.

Thank You for all these up dates and pictures.
Are You eating and resting ?

Christy gives a lot of folks Hope. even an ol guy like me...

Anonymous said...

her mom looks great and Christy looks way better than after lung tx surgery! please give Christy a kiss for me and when you see her ma do the same. I am thinking of you and Christy and will continue praying for her. Take it easy Jason..try and get some rest. xo