Sunday, November 23, 2008

Seriously Honked Off!!!

Well, YouTube was not very clear in their advertisements and announcements. There is not yet a third installment of Charlie The Unicorn. The website for, the producers of Charlie, only has a 1 minute promo posted.

Here's the story, last night Live launched. It's YouTube, but in real-time. YouTube was exploiting Charlie's popularity among his fan-base to promote their new web-based service. So there is nothing new from Charlie. YouTube's announcement, I feel, was misleading.

However, here is the 1 minute 14 second short that YouTube put out before a live audience last night when they launched their live website. You'll get a chuckle, especially if you remember who Rick Astley is.


1 comment:

Somer Love said...

who comes up with this stuff? :)

I was hoping for a full episode but that should tie me over :)